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Fiction Friday: Dance with the Devil – Chapter 3

I’m back this week with the next chapter of Dance with the Devil. You can check out Chapter 2 if you missed it last week. And for now, here’s the beginning of Chapter 3.

I probably shouldn’t have gone to town. It’s not like we’d been told to stay away, but I was already in quite a mood. From that messed up vote, to that last altercation with Hawk, and everything else that always mess up my mind.

We were supposed to do patrols together. They hadn’t said anything about not coming to town by ourselves. Still, it probably would have been a smart thing to buddy up even for that.

No one ever accused me of always, or ever, doing the smart thing.

I pulled my bike into a space in front of the Iron Heart bar. I should go down to the diner and grab something to eat. I needed something to calm me down. Hawk’s words were still bouncing around in my head, and I couldn’t take it. Still, as I walked down the sidewalk toward the door of the bar, my gaze took in everything. Three bikes sat in spots a little ways down from mine. My stomach twisted up tight at the sight of them. One of them had a decal of a white-ish bird in the corner of the windshield. A dove, I told myself. Except its wings were spread out, just the way the Ivory Crows’ patch looked.

I stood, frozen for a moment, fighting with myself. Part of me wanted to go barging right into the bar and calling them out, making a scene, taking them down. The other part wanted to ride back out of town. Icarus told us not to approach any of them, not to start anything. But, God, did I want to start something with them.

No. I had to be careful and watch my step. I was never good with that, though. Still, I headed down to the diner after all. Hopefully by the time I came back out, they’d be gone, and I could get a drink in peace before heading home.

I hated feeling like I was tucking my tail between my legs and skulking away. But, I didn’t want to disobey a direct order less than an hour after it had been given. Sure, I had a history of that, a full file of disciplinary actions during my time in the Corps. But, even that would be extreme for me.

I almost reached the diner when the door swung open. Three men in heavy boots stepped out. My gaze slid up their bodies. Two wore chaps, but the third just had on a worn pair of jeans. Before my gaze even reached above their waists, I admit my attention snagged longer there than it should have–Hawk had gotten me stirred up, and I couldn’t seem to help it–a glob of saliva landed in front of me. I didn’t need more evidence, still I kept looking up.

If you want to keep reading, and find out how Devil reacts to this, you can check out the rest of Chapter 3 here. And I’ll be back next week with the next chapter.

Fiction Friday: Into the Sun – Chapter 3

I’ve already shared the first two chapters of Into the Sun over on Wattpad. I’m continuing with that this week. But, I also decided I’d share an excerpt from that chapter here at the same time. And if you’d like, you can head over there to read the rest of it. So, here’s the first ~300 words of Chapter 3.

Bull opened the door to the bedroom, and I stepped inside. There were my saddlebags sitting on the bed. I wouldn’t even have to go back out to get them. “You brought my stuff in?” I felt like something lodged in my throat.

“Didn’t look in it, I swear,” Bull said.

I wasn’t worried about that. Pretty much all I had in them was clothes. I shook my head and headed for the bed.

“I swear,” Bull said again when I reached for the bags. “We don’t steal. Especially not from someone who might become a member.”

What do you do? The words were right on the tip of my tongue, but I bit them back. I wasn’t sure I really wanted to know. “Not worried about that, Bull. Ain’t got nothing to steal.”

He studied me as I moved the bags off the bed. “You run away, boy? You did, and we won’t turn ya in. But, it would help to know.”

“I’m a legal adult, Bull. Hard to be a runaway when you’re legally independent.”

“God, you talk like him.”

I stiffened a bit. “Who?”

“The captain. You’d think he’d been a lawyer back in the day, rather than a cop.”

That had me spinning around. “He…Icarus was a cop?”

“He was,” Bull said. “Up until about five years ago. He got rather disillusioned with the system. But, that’s his story to tell. As yours is yours.” His mouth twisted. “Yeah, I don’t have his way with words.”

I choked up all the same. They weren’t going to ask. I imagined they were all curious. But, they weren’t going to ask me for it before I was ready. He didn’t say anything else before leaving.

If you’d like to read the rest of what happens, you can here. And stay tuned next Friday for Chapter 4.

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