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Sunday Summary: Rowing Through Camp

We’ve been camping over in Ohio since Friday afternoon. I did bring my computer, but other than after the kids went to bed and before they were up, I haven’t spent much time on it. Right now the girl is up, but she’s writing in her notepad. Have I ever mentioned how much she takes after me? πŸ˜‰

Did get some words written on a little bonus scene for Flames of Renewal. I wrote it from James’ POV for in the story. But, I wanted to rewrite it from both Adrian & Kayla’s. Last night I was really glad we had the cabin. My dad and stepmom had just started a campfire at their RV site when it started to rain. We made it back to the cabin just before it really started to rain. It sounded like it was coming down pretty hard with some thunder and lightning as well. Glad we weren’t in a tent at least. Plus there was a coffee maker in the cabin, so I didn’t have to wait for my dad to get up to have my coffee(since I’m usually awake around 4 and he doesn’t get up until 6-7).


I did finish my goal for Camp NaNoWriMo this weekend…from an actual cabin. πŸ™‚ Over 61k in less than a month. That finished one WiP(Stained by Ashes) and got me most of the way through Flames of Renewal. I’m on the climax so only a few more scenes left. And it’s not quite to 60k yet. I do tend to add more during revisions, so it will probably end up longer than that before anyone actually reads it.

We’ve gone swimming twice, spent a good bit of time at the playground, and even went to a festival at a nearby park. They had a lot of craft booths, Civil War & Native American reenactors(two of my big areas of interest) and food, of course. It’s been a pretty good time, but I will be glad to get home this afternoon and to my normal routine.

  • Flames of Renewal – Get to 56000 words – Made this one. About 450 past this. That doesn’t count the two bonus scenes I’ve written.
  • Flames of Redemption – I’d like to say to do all edits on this. But, that might be pushing things. So, I think I want to get through Ch 16 at least(which would be halfway). – I did make it through Ch 16 by Friday.
  • Flames of Retribution – Character Work – done. Will start working through plot points and such this week.
  • Rick & Leann – 500 words – I had this done by Tuesday, I think.
  • Read: Chasing Shadow(Tia Bach) & Because of You(Jessica Scott) – I enjoyed Chasing Shadows, and really like Because of You. I was also listening to The Bone Season(Samantha Shannon) and finished reading it this weekend(I like being able to switch between the two)
  • Crochet: Round Basket – I only finished one out of the three sizes. My yarn got all tangled up trying to do the second one, and I got frustrated. So, I’m not sure I’ll bother with the others.

Next week’s goals:

  • Flames of Renewal – Finish 1st draft
  • Flames of Redemption – Finish edits
  • Flames of Retribution – Finish plotting
  • Rick & Leann – 500 words
  • Read: Because of You(Jessica Scott) & Finding Perfect(Susan Mallery)
  • Knit: Leaf Lace Washcloth

Sunday Summary: Camping “Fun”

Yes, I put fun in quotes. Because there can only be so much fun crammed in a small RV with three adults and two young kids. Especially when one of those adults is the complete opposite of you and just rubs you the wrong way no matter what she does(probably not a nice thing to say about the woman my dad married, not my mom by the way, but it’s true). She’s a germaphobe, I’m pretty much the opposite. Not that I’m a complete slob, but worrying about germs isn’t at the front of my thoughts. In fact, it tends to be way down the list of my worries. And imagine that, my kids and I really don’t get that sick too often. Add into that a strained relationship between my father and me, that he doesn’t even seem to realize. And the tug of my own emotions about him. I want to be with him, but I just want to be home, and I feel guilty about that. I’ve fought with this since I was about ten. Almost thirty, and I still feel it. By Friday, I just wanted to come home, and yet found myself fighting tears because I was coming home. It doesn’t make a lot of sense with some of the realizations I’ve come to about him and our relationship. I may get into that with another blog post. This one has already become a bit personal.

Onto this week’s progress update, since I missed Wednesday’s post. Lack of internet connection was only one of the reasons I was ready to come home.

  • The Choice: write 1250 words – Managed to get 1951 words. Thursday was the only day I got any writing done on this while camping. It’s up to 5675 words so far. That’s 5 scenes finished. I don’t have this one broken up into chapters yet though.
  • Slow Revenge: read over CP’s notes(once she gets them to me) and compile in scrivener – don’t have this back yet. Which is fine. I told her I wasn’t worried since I wouldn’t be around this week.
  • Chasing the Ghost: Jason’s back story –Β I did get this done while camping. Easier to write in a notebook and the words were just flowing. Of course, I now only have 1 sheet of paper left in that notebook, so I have to get another one out for the last two back stories. Not that I have a shortage of them. πŸ˜‰ And while I was working at the racetrack last night, I was working through those back stories. Shouldn’t take too long to write now.
  • Read: Treachery in Death(J.D. Robb) & Beautiful Creatures(Kami Garcia/Margaret Stohl) – finished Treachery in Death while camping and started Beautiful Creatures. Finished it Friday night after we got back. And I started reading City of Ashes yesterday morning. Then, I was gone most of the day so didn’t get too far into it yet.
  • Read: Story Physics – Chapter 1-5 – I got these first chapters read through and a lot marked up. Just sentences that struck me, or information that I wanted to come back to. Planning to keep with a chapter a weekday with this, which should have it finished by the end of the round.
  • Knit: Soft Ribs Sweater – Finish – Haven’t worked on this at all this week. Going to try to get a little done before the birthday party we have to go to this afternoon. Still want to have it finished by the end of the month.

I did really good this week especially for not being around, and spending a good bit of time at the playground, water park,Β  and pool. Only one more week left in the month(2 more days of summer vacation and 9 more until my son’s birthday). So, this week, I’ll be finishing up this month’s goals.

  • The Choice: Write 1250 words
  • Slow Revenge: Read over CP’s notes and compile in Scrivener(once I get them)
  • Chasing the Ghost: Write the 2 antagonists’ back stories
  • Read: City of Ashes(Cassandra Clare) & Unbroken(Melody Grace)
  • Read: Story Physics – Chapters 6-10
  • Knit: Soft Ribs Sweater – Finish

Family Friday: Camping

As most of you know, the kids and I went camping with my dad and stepmom. We stayed at a private campground in Ohio in their RV.

sitting in the loft bed with her “friends”.

Eating breakfast in the RV

There was a playground there, and that is where Hayleigh wanted to spend most of the time.


climbing up the ladder to the little kids’ slides


standing at the top of the little slides

going down one of the little kid slides

hanging on the monkey bars

going down the big slide

attempting to climb the chains

she didn’t like the way these moved when she stepped on them. So, I had to hold onto her sides until she got to the top, just enough to steady her.


climbing up the steps

Getting ready to go down

I thought he would stop when he got to the bottom of this one. Yeah, he didn’t. And then Hayleigh had to tell everyone at the playground that I didn’t catch him. πŸ™‚ But, he got back up and headed right back for the steps to the top.

climbing over the jungle gym

At first, she kept getting scared when she got to the top of this. And I’d have to help her the rest of the way. She finally figured out how to move her hands and feet to get over it though. Then, she started on the monkey bars.


going over the monkey bars

and this is my cautious child

She kept going over these, and I was trying to be a good parent and not hover. And then she slipped. There was another parent near by and he caught her just as she did. So, she took a bit of a break from the monkey bars.

standing at the top of the big slide

He seemed to prefer these slides to the little kid ones.

making a necklace

wearing her new necklace

making a bracelet

They had a kids’ craft time at the campground on Saturday. Hayleigh made a necklace(with 2 purple hearts because she suddenly decided pink is no longer her favorite color, purple is). Nathan made a little bracelet with my stepmom.

Saturday night, we made a campfire and roasted marshmallows for s’mores. A fun but messy experience with two little kids.

watching the campfire together

roasting marshmallows

She wanted to roast them herself, but wouldn’t get them close enough to the fire.

eating a s’more

his first s’more

On Sunday, we went swimming before lunch then off to the water park after Nathan took a little nap. Hayleigh loves the slide at the kiddie pool. She must have gone down it at least two dozen times. Even when she was shivering so bad(the water was freezing even in August) that she could barely walk, she wanted to go down again. Nathan went down a few times, but he had trouble keeping himself upright on the turns, so he didn’t like it quite as much.

At the top of the water slide.


hanging out in the kiddie pool with Mommy

We roasted some marshmallows again Sunday night and headed home Monday morning. It was a fun weekend, but I was glad to get home. To get back to our own routines and schedules and back into our own spaces.








Writing Wednesday: Post-Birthday/Pre-Camping Update

I kept my daily writing streak going for 12 days. I’m sure that’s some kind of record for me. But, I didn’t get up before the kids on Saturday, and most of the rest of the day was spent prepping for my daughter’s 5th birthday party. So, I didn’t write at all Saturday. And even though I was up early Sunday morning, I had to do some rushing so everything could be ready for the party(due to a bit of a cake disaster the night before, we had to start all over). So, no writing then either. But, she had a good party, so it was all worth it despite my high stress level. As for how I did the rest of the week:

  • Write every day to keep me on track for finishing by the end of the month. Right now that means writing at least a little over 1000 words a day. So, shooting for 7000 by next Wednesday.

Like I said, I didn’t write Saturday or Sunday, so have only written 5 out of the last 7 days. But, my numbers have been fairly decent over those days. Thursday: 1081, Friday: 1078, Monday: 1207, Tuesday: 1201, Wednesday: 749. I am hoping to add some more to today’s word count though. I don’t think I’ll be around during the ROW80 sprint today though, but I will have to add some more words sometime else during the day.

  • Finish reading Football Sweetheart

I finished this on Friday. I kind of hate to admit the book I started next. A friend sent me a copy of 50 Shades of Grey, and I finally decided to start it. Put it off due to what I’ve heard about the writing. Struggled through the first chapter. And continued to struggle to read the second. And didn’t even bother picking it back up. I usually give a book more of a chance than that, but when I’m dreading even opening it, there’s no point to it. So, I went and started reading Roni Loren’s Melt Into You on Monday. Haven’t found a lot of time to read over the last couple days, but I’m already through Chapter 8 of it.

I’ll be gone from Friday afternoon until probably sometime Monday morning. I plan on taking a notebook and pens with me, but I don’t know how much actual writing I’ll get done while I’m gone. I’ll have to reevaluate my daily writing goal when I get back, so for now, these are my goals for the next week:

  • Write every day, even if it’s only 100 words on paper.
  • Finish Melt Into You
  • Have everything packed for our trip before 3 pm Friday(haven’t even started the list yet).

How has everyone else been doing this round? Are you still keeping up with your goals or is life throwing obstacles in your way?

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