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Fitness Friday: Off Track

I haven’t completely fallen off track on my fitness stuff. I’ve still been doing the 30 day ab challenge. I’m on day 23 now. I should be through the challenge by the time the kids go back to school. Though I’ve found I can’t hold the plank position as I go. I can hold it for about up to a minute.

Snacking not going quite as well. Daughter’s birthday party was last weekend. We have leftover cake, ice cream, & potato chips(I might be snacking on salt & vinegar chips right now).

Trying to keep up with my water consumption, but haven’t been doing too well with that either. I try to keep 3 different water bottles filled and at hand. The first is easy, the latter is where I often fail.

I haven’t weighed myself since my last post.

7/17: 174

8/14: 177

Yuck. Now, it’s the time of the month where I tend to bloat up. So, I’m trying to keep that in mind. Still, seeing that number wasn’t fun. Definitely since that’s the highest I’ve weighed in at since the end of May. Hopefully over the next weeks I can get things back on track.

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