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Sunday Summary: Cooling Down

The weather that is. I feel like my writing is heating up on the other hand. I finished a scene I’d been dreading because of what happens. But, it plays an important part not just in this story but also to set up another character’s story. I already know a good bit of her story even though it’s a couple down the line in this series. And I have another dreaded scene coming up as I head toward the climax. I’ll probably get to it tomorrow, or at least start it tomorrow.

I’m glad for the cool down. I got a text from my husband Friday wanting to know if I wanted to work the gate up at the racetrack yesterday. It’s a local track and he works for the rescue and clean up crew on race nights. They needed someone to work the gate for the pit, and I didn’t really have any excuse not to.  It wasn’t too bad really. There were a few boring moments, particularly the last hour before I clocked out. I basically just sat there, tearing off stubs for the pit passes and making sure the people who tried to go through had the right wristband and ticket. But, it gave me a chance to do some people watching(and character sketching in my head) and block out some upcoming scenes for my WiP. And it got me out of the house. Plus I was able to watch the last couple races and even got to see a fight.

·Demons Rising: write 10000 words – Done! Actually managed 10552 for the week. I’ve written through chapter 23(of 30 planned) and have at least 10 more scenes to go. I may finish this week, but should certainly be done by the end of the month.
·find readers for Slow Revenge – I’ve found one and have sent her the first five chapters.
·Guarding the Heart: novel notebook – finished this on Thursday.
·Read: Not Until You Surrender (Roni Loren) – read this on Tuesday then read The Selkie Enchantress by Sophie Moss and The Disappearing Girl by Heather Topham Wood. I may have my goal of 100 books for the year finished by the end of the month. Shouldn’t be difficult as I only have 1 more book to read to reach this goal. So, I’ll probably be raising it.
·Knit: finish newborn cardigan: Done!

·Crochet: finish toddler owl hat: Done!


I actually met all of my goals this week. So for next week’s goals:

  • Write 12,500 words(or finish 1st draft)
  • Guarding the Heart: scene cards – major scenes/turning points
  • Read: Not Until You Believe & Wake Me When the Sun Goes Down(Lisa Olsen)
  • Knit: Ribbed Cable Purse
  • Crochet: Teeny Beanie

Family Friday: Reading

Hayleigh has always loved books. She’d sit and let me read books to her from a very early age. We’ve gone from reading in the glider(which is now in her brother’s room anyway) to reading in her bed, and to where we are now, reading a story before bed out on the couch. She even went through a period of about six months where she would take a couple books to bed. I’m not really sure when or why this ended. I know we started it because she kept getting out of bed right after I tucked her in. So, I put a lamp in her room and let her “read” before she had to shut her light off. And she started staying in bed. And almost every night when I went in to turn the light off, usually by 8, she had fallen asleep with the books.

For Christmas of 2009, when she was 2, she received the Tag Jr reading system by Leapfrog. She really enjoyed using that although we only ended up getting a few books for it. And she continued to want to read her regular books. And she would even tell me what was happening in the pictures. Earlier this year, I noticed that she wasn’t just doing that though. She seemed to be repeating the words as well. Now, I don’t know if she was actually recognizing the words or just has the stories memorized. Especially since the one I noticed this with was Green Eggs and Ham, which we’d been reading every night for the last week(and I always let her pick out the story she wants). And I noticed the more I encouraged her to do it, the more she would read of a story.Now, one time she did read a couple pages of Pinkalicious without even looking at the words. Yes, we have read that one more than a few times.

This past weekend, we were shopping, and Hayleigh used some of the money she still had from Christmas to buy the Tag reading system(and even gave the Tag Jr to her brother along with all but one of the books). So far she only has the one book that came with it(but it will also read the Tag Jr books, just not the other way around), but she really seems to enjoy going through it. She does still have some money left, so we may pick up another book for it the next time we go shopping. And her birthday is less than three months away, so I’m sure she will get some more then.

I’m just glad that she loves reading so much. Now, her brother on the other hand. He’ll barely sit still long enough to look at a book, unless he’s ripping the pages out of it. :/


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