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Crafty Corner: Catching Up

I haven’t done one of these posts for a while, so I decided it was time to catch up on some of the projects I’ve finished recently.

I started this lapghan toward the end of last year. I probably would have finished it then but I ran out o the one color of yarn I needed. I didn’t get a chance to get more of that yarn until the end of January. So,it sat that whole month. I finally finished it earlier this month.  It took me a total of over 75 hours to finish it. Not sure I’ve ever been so happy to finish a project.


While I was waiting to get the yarn I needed for the lapghan, I made this long stocking hat in green and white


And when I finished the lapghan, I made this cowl. The pattern calls itself the “45 minute cowl”. It took me 90 minutes. That doesn’t count the times I had to go back and start over. I somehow got it twisted though. Not sure where I messed it up.


And now, I’m making this ladybug. Not quite finished yet, but I just have to sew on the legs and spots and do the mouth and antennae.


Knitting Monday: Finishing and Starting New

I finished working on my blanket on Saturday. It ended up taking me a little over 20 hours to make it. It did turn out nice, but I definitely like doing projects that have a quicker turnaround. Like hats. Hats take me about half the time this blanket did(and it was a smaller blanket). Maybe even less, depending on the size of the hat and the complexity of the design. This blanket would be nice for over a car seat or in a stroller, or even for an older baby just to cuddle with. Hayleigh wants to use the one I made for her dolls. So, even though it is small, it could have a couple of different uses.

finished blanket

After I finished that one, I had to decide on another project. I went through my list and using a random number generator app on my phone, chose the Snowtracks Cap from coatsandclark.com. I started this one Sunday. It took me about 2 hours to finish the brim. Then, I had to do two more rounds before starting the cable pattern. It was not until after I finished 4 rounds of that(which took about another 2 hours) before I realized I had forgotten to switch to the larger needles as the pattern says to. So, at 9:30 last night, I had to rip out two hours worth of work. Hate when I have to do that. But, now hopefully I won’t make any more mistakes(ha ha, nice thought at least)

Knitting Monday: Busting My Stash

First up: I finished the first of my hats I want to sell and donate some of the proceeds towards the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I am still tossing around how I want to go about this. I had thought about making hats in all different styles and sizes and doing an auction on my Facebook page. But, I’m not sure if that’s what I want to do. I also thought about just listing the hats as I make them(with the ability to order whatever size wanted) and put 50% of sales towards the donation. Then, another idea I had was to still do the regular listings, but have a special sale on ready to ship ones once a month. And any proceeds from those sales would be donated 100%. Right now, I’m leaning more toward that last one. I may change my mind again though. And, I need to get my hands on some more red yarn(using Simply Soft or cotton yarn depending on the type of hat) before I can make any more.

My little hat model

Not being very cooperative

a side view

a view of the top

So, I realized I have way too much worsted weight yarn. I have all of the lighter weight yarns(super fine, fine, light) in a small bag and the bulky and super bulky weight ones in another bag(like the reusable shopping bags). Then, I have a tote box filled with the worsted weight yarn. And unless I have it all set in there perfectly, I cannot put the lid on it. So, I decided I need to work my way through this stash before I buy more yarn(unless it is for a particular project). So, I organized all the patterns I have by the weight of yarn needed for them. And I’m now working my way through them.

The first of these stash-busting projects I did was a pair of baby booties from Bernat’s website. As I have a lot of smaller balls of yarn(mostly given to me by my Grandma when she wanted to get rid of her yarn), this is a really good project. Doesn’t take a lot of yarn, so it would work when you just have a bit left. It took me less than six hours to finish these. So, a fairly quick project. And they turned out pretty cute. The yarn I ended up using for them in one I bought simply because I thought it was pretty(so no project in mind for it).

side view of the booties

front view

The next project I worked on was from the book that came with my learn to knit kit, a knit dishcloth with eyelets. I attempted it when I was first learning, but even though it’s labeled as easy, I could not get the hang of the eyelets. Of course, I think I tried it with acrylic yarn back then instead of the cotton it calls for. So, I decided to try it again now and with the right yarn this time. It turned out pretty nice, and was another quick project(just a little over 4 hours to finish).

Then, I decided to do a bigger project. I have a large skein of yarn(like 850 yards) which is taking up most of the room in the tote. So, I started a blanket using that yarn. I have pretty much avoided knitting blankets so far, except for the two small square ones I made(about 12×12). They just take too long to make, and I don’t have quite the attention span for that. But, this one is smaller, about 24×24, so I decided to try it. I’m just a little over halfway finished with it now and I have all ready spent about thirteen hours on it. Hoping it does not take quite as long to do the second half of it. I think when I’m done though, I’ll do a quicker project next.

half finished blanket

Knitting Monday: Baby Shower Gifts

I have a cousin who is due with her first baby, a girl, in May. This will be the first baby in our family that is not from me or one of my sisters. And this is the first baby shower I’ve been to since I started knitting. So, I decided to make a few things to give her.

The first was a hat that I made a couple months back but always intended to give her as a gift. It was different than the other hats I have done. First of all, it was knit from the top down instead of starting with the brim. That made it a little difficult at first. But, it turned out really nice. Now, hopefully her kid won’t be like mine and have a bigger head, since it’s made to fit a newborn, and I know my kids had like 3-6 month heads at birth.

I didn’t work on any more gifts until the end of March since I had been trying to get some Easter items done. But, the next one I worked on was a little headband. This was the first headband I had ever knit. And I made a little flower to attach to it. The one I ended up going with was actually the second one I made. The first attempt was a rose, but as I was trying to knit it together to look like a rose, it all fell apart. So, I decided to go with a different flower design instead. I may try to do another rose sometime and hopefully it will work better.

I still wanted to make something else to give to her, so I made a little square blanket. Not big enough to cover up with, but something her little girl could cuddle with a little later.

And I still wanted a little something else to put in with the gift, but we were only two days away from the shower. So, I looked through my list of patterns I’ve collected and found one for a bib with a cabled edge and strap that I didn’t think would take me too long to finish. I was a little worried though because I haven’t really done much cabling before. It turned out to not be too difficult though and actually ended up looking really nice. I had that finished on Friday, so still had plenty of time to get it all put together for the shower.

I’d had a couple of other items that I had planned to give her as well, but neither of them turned out as well as I had hoped so decided against including them.

Knitting Monday: Fixing Mistakes

I have been knitting for just over a year now. I’ve moved on from the simple projects to slightly more advanced ones. Of course, there’s still a lot more I want to learn. But, I figured I could at least follow a pattern without making major mistakes. Apparently I was wrong.

On Saturday, I started knitting a blanket. I’ve started one other blanket, but quit after just a few rows. I was using a super bulky yarn and found it very difficult to work with. So, I just ripped it out and decided to put it away. I might take the yarn back out some other time and try to work with it again though. The one I just started uses a light weight yarn though, so I should have an easier time with it.

So, Saturday afternoon when the kids were in their rooms for nap time(cannot knit when the monster man is up. He will not allow it), I cast on 121 stitches to start the blanket. The instructions said to knit the first five rows. Okay, that’s easy enough. I got the first two rows knitted during nap time. After the kids were in bed that night, I got the rest of that part finished and moved on to the pattern rows, which is four rows that are repeated for the length of the blanket. I got the first two of those done(the first a knit row and the second row was purl). But, the instructions also said to keep the first and last six stitches of each row in garter stitch(knit every row). I decided to forget about that part though, I guess.

It was on Sunday when I was about halfway through the third row of this pattern that I remembered. So, I had to rip out the stitches I’d just knit for that row. I thought that was going to be good then remembered the row before was a purl row, so I had to rip that one out too. And since I was apparently still not thinking, I started to rip out the one before that. Then, I remembered that was the knit row, so obviously the first and last stitches were knit. I did finally get back to where I had started that afternoon. But, that was about an hour and a half of basically wasted time. Sunday night, I did get the next six rows done, so have finished two repeats of the pattern rows. And I put stitch markers on the needles after the first six and before the last six, so hopefully I will not make the same mistake again.

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