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Fiction Friday: Valentine’s Weekend Sale

So, I put Duty to Protect up on KDP Select last September. I figured I’d put it in Kindle Unlimited and maybe at least get some exposure. Of course, I was doing pretty much nothing for promotion, so this didn’t work out too well. Then, it renewed before I could uncheck that, so it’s been up exclusively at Amazon for almost 6 months. And I haven’t taken advantage of the promotional free days. I did opt out of it renewing again, so I’ll be able to put it back up at other sites after March 7. I figured before that, I should actually do something with the benefits I have. And with this being Valentine’s weekend, what better time to do a promo for a romance novel?

So, from today through Sunday, Duty to Protect is available for free. If you haven’t grabbed it yet, now’s your chance. I’m hoping to have the second book in this series out by the middle of the year.

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