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A to Z Challenge – X is for Alex Reed

Name: Alex Reed

Age: 25 years old

Description: Alex has red hair and blue eyes.

Short Bio: Alex has only made a very brief appearance in the series, so I don’t know much about him, other than he’s a police officer who answers to Adrian.


At the knock on his office door, he spun around. “What?” he snapped.
The officer at his door took a small step back. “The sketch is done. The boy knew a lot of details and that other woman from the school helped. The Amber Alert’s been issued. We’re getting ready to put out the BOLO. Everyone will be on the lookout. Thought you’d want to see the sketch too.”
“Of course, Reed.” He glanced at the handout the man passed over, but nothing about the face looked familiar to him. “Fax a copy to Lieutenant Shae Magaldi with the Erie Drug & Vice Unit. She has contacts in Pittsburgh and might know something. Have her call me with anything.”
“Yes, Sergeant,” the man said then ducked out of the office.

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