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A to Z: G is for Grady

Last time we left Cassie having a flashback to the time her and Icarus first officially met. Now, it’s his turn to remember the past(not that he’s ever really forgotten).


Icarus couldn’t believe he had convinced Cassie to finally get on the bike with him. He’d been waiting nearly a year for her to come around. She’d used to love this, loved holding on while they raced down the highway, holding on tight to him. She hadn’t done any of that in the last year. And she’d ridden with Trace the only time she’d been on a bike, only for the ride here to the clubhouse.

It had been a lot longer than that year since he’d felt her against him. All because of her father and Henry Kearns.

He didn’t think he’d ever forget the last time they were together. It had starred in his nightmares way too many times.


Grady pulled Cassie to him, pressing his mouth to hers. Just over six months since she’d first climbed on his bike with him, and he still hadn’t gotten enough. After the first week of meeting every chance they got, she’d asked him to take her away. It would only be for a couple days. She just had to get away from her father and his demanding ways.

He perfectly understood having to get away. Staying away from his own home had been a necessity much of the time. But, every time he suggested taking her back, she begged him not to. She wanted to continue their adventure.

So, that’s what he did.

They were back close to town now, though. He couldn’t help the need to check in on his mother. Even though she’d never cared about making sure he was doing okay, even when they lived in the same house. He couldn’t simply walk away.

He took a step back, but still kept his hand on her arm as he looked around the site where they’d slept the night before. Everything had been picked up and packed away in his saddlebags and the pack he had strapped to the backrest. They were ready to go.

He pulled her in for another kiss, wished they could just do that all day. And really what was stopping them? Only wanting to make sure his father hadn’t finally gone too far. With a sigh, he pulled back. “Are you sure you don’t want to let your dad know-”

“No,” she said quickly. “He won’t let me leave again. I was two minutes late that day we met, and he totally flipped. He’ll never let me out of the house now.”

His throat nearly closed at the thought of that, of never being able to see her again. “Okay,” he said, stroking her hair back from her face. “Okay, Cassie, we won’t contact him. I just have to see my mom, and we’ll go again.”

“You’re not going anywhere, boy,” a hard clipped voice said from behind him, “except far away from my daughter.”

He started to turn, to put Cassie behind him, but a hand jerked him away. Pain screamed through his shoulder, but he still tried to pull away, to get free. He had to get back to Cassie. Make sure she was okay. But, something hit him in the small of his back, and he dropped to his knees.

“Henry,” Sheriff Vallis barked, “don’t do anything to him that will come back on the department.”

“He had his hands all over her, sir. He needs to pay for that.”

“And he will. Trust me on that. Get him out of here.”

Grady tried to struggle, but his hands were already cuffed behind his back, his shoulder still on fire. He tried to look back when Cassie cried his name, but the deputy shoved him forward. “You’re not ever going to see her again,” he hissed in Grady’s ear. “But, don’t worry. I’ll take good care of her.


Icarus shuddered at the memory then helped Cassie tighten the strap on her helmet. She was watching him as if she knew where his mind had gone. He should have known from what Henry had said that day what was really going on. They weren’t saving Cassie from him. They’d only wanted her back under their control.

And because he hadn’t known how to fight for what was his, he’d lost everything that mattered. “I won’t let it happen again,” he murmured before kissing her then sliding his own helmet on and climbing onto the bike. He’d give his all to make sure that was a promise he wouldn’t break.


Will he be able to keep his promise this time? Or will she be taken from him again? Hold on, we’ll get there. 🙂

A to Z: F is for Flashback

The last time we left Icarus suggesting they go for a ride like they used to when Cassie wanted to leave everything behind. Today Cassie remembers the first time she got on a motorcycle with him.


Nineteen years earlier…

Cassie walked out of the store, slowing her strides as she headed across the parking lot. She didn’t want to go home. She never wanted to go back there even after working a full shift at the store. Not unless her father was on duty.

And she knew tonight he wasn’t.

If Mom was still there, it might not be so bad. But, she hadn’t been able to take life with him anymore either. Cassie couldn’t blame her, she just wished her mom had taken her, too. Though she was sure her father had something to do with her being left behind.

If they were both gone, who would he have left to control?

Cassie’s attention was drawn over to the side of the parking lot. Right in her path a boy leaned against a motorcycle, an unlit cigarette between his lips. He had sunglasses covering his eyes, so she couldn’t be sure, but she would have sworn he was looking directly at her. A little shiver went over her at the thought.

Grady Hartson. Everyone at school knew him, or at least knew who he was. But, he’d just graduated, only a few days earlier. And barely by the skin of his teeth, from what she’d heard. Her father had warned her to stay away from boys like that, they were no good, not any better than trash.

But, she’d never believed that about Grady.

She’d have to walk right past him, unless she wanted to go out of her way to avoid him, and she certainly didn’t. She’d never wanted to avoid him. Not that she’d ever been in his orbit. He probably didn’t have a clue who she was. Why would he have paid attention to the quiet, bookworm, underclassman good girl?

There was no reason. He just wouldn’t have.

But, as she drew closer, he pushed his sunglasses up to the top of his head. Those stormy blue eyes of his were locked right on her. And that nearly knocked the breath out of her. She forced herself to keep walking, though. Her father only gave her fifteen minutes to get home from her shift, and her boss had used up three talking to her when she’d clocked out. She’d never pushed that boundary before and wasn’t sure what he would do if she did.

“Hi, Cassie,” Grady said as she started to walk past him.

Hearing her name in his voice brought her to an instant stop. So, fast she nearly fell right over. How did he even know her name? Maybe she didn’t want to know. She usually got away from the torment of her peers over the summer, but maybe that was why he was here. Maybe they’d put him up to it.

“You shouldn’t smoke,” she said, instead of all that was going through her head. “It’s not healthy.”

He took the still unlit cigarette out of his mouth, looked at it for a moment then threw it to the ground. “I quit anyway.”

“Since when? I saw you outside before the graduation ceremony with one.” Her face flushed with heat at what he’d take from that. She paid enough attention to know where he’d been and what he was doing

He flashed her a quick grin. “Since right now.”

Heat curled in her belly at the way he looked at her. And she took a step back. “I have to get home. My father’s expecting me.”

The smile fell away from his face at the mention of her father. She wondered how much experience he had with Sheriff Vallis. Or maybe it was just fathers in general that stole his good humor.

“Can I walk with you, Cassie?”

She gripped her elbows, hugging her arms close to her body. “I told you. I have to get home.”

“I won’t keep you from doing that by joining you.”

She glanced down the sidewalk to the route she always took home, but her eyes were dragged back to his motorcycle, all that gleaming paint and chrome. She’d seen him ride it to school before. “I have to go,” she said quickly. “I’m going to be late.”

He grinned at her, though. “You want to ride, don’t you?”

She shook her head. “I shouldn’t. I need to get home.”

“Should doesn’t always have anything to do with want. Come on,” he said, shrugging out of his leather jacket and draping it over her shoulders. “Climb on with me, and I’ll take you around the block. Your dad will never know you took a detour.”

“I can’t,” she said but took a step toward the bike.

His smile was warm and soothing as he set a helmet over her head. “Sure, you can. All you have to do is hold on and lean with me into the curves. I’ll do the rest.” He swung his own leg over the seat of the bike and started it up. “Come on,” he said again, “slide on behind me.”

She knew she shouldn’t. That she should give him his stuff back and keep walking home. Instead she slid her arms through the sleeves of the jacket and awkwardly slid on behind him.

“Hold on,” he reminded her, and as soon as her arms were around his waist, he twisted the throttle, and they shot out of the parking lot.


Will he really just take her around the block? Will she get into any trouble with her father? Will they stop at only one ride?

A to Z: E is for Edge of Control

The last post left us with Trace trying to assure his mother everything would be okay. But, Cassie even knows that no one can guarantee that. Now, a look into how she’s handling the possibility of her husband coming after her.


Cassie managed only a short time of being able to act like everything was okay. She was close to losing that mask now and knew she needed to get away before it was completely gone. Before everyone saw her lose it. Since she had gotten here, everyone had looked at her like a victim. And she was tired of it.

But, she didn’t know how to change it.

She edged out of the main living area, hoping no one noticed her departure. She didn’t want to answer any questions, not right now. She just needed a few minutes alone to gather herself and regain some control. She always felt like she was right on the edge of losing it all.

Before she could fall over that edge, she hurried to the stairs, moving up them faster than she ever had before. She closed her bedroom door, felt a sob escape and nearly ran to the bed, falling onto it as the dam broke and tears fell.

She let it all come out then, the sobs muffled by her pillow. All the worry, the fear. The shame. She wanted the tears to just wash it all away. But, when they finally stopped, she only felt wiped out on top of the rest of it.

Then, she felt the hand on her back. The touch one she’d never been able to forget, even after eighteen years without it. “Grady,” she said, another sob escaping with the name.

“Shh,” he murmured, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her up onto his lap. She tried to move off so she wouldn’t crush him, but he held her still. “It’s going to be all right,” he told her, brushing her hair aside and pressing his lips to the back of her neck. “I’m not going to let him touch you. Not you or Trace.”

From the quiver in his voice, she was sure he was thinking of the things Trace had told them. What Henry had done to him under the camouflage of discipline. No, there was no way that sick man would ever lay a hand on her son again. No matter what else happened, she’d do whatever was needed to keep him safe. She’d done a poor job of that over the years, but not anymore.

She shifted again and this time he let her move. But, it was only to turn and climb back onto his lap, facing him. “Cassie,” he murmured, his hands moving to her hips.

She didn’t wait for him to say more, to tell her it wasn’t a good time, or that he wouldn’t take advantage of her when she was vulnerable. He’d told her all that before, nearly twenty years ago. She’d trusted him then, with her life, with her heart. With everything. She knew she could now as well.

“Please, Grady,” she said and moved her hands into his hair as her mouth brushed over his.

He didn’t protest and let her guide the kiss. His hands stayed at her hips, his body almost as still as a statue. Only his lips moved, opening to let her take the kiss deeper. “I want to forget,” she finally said. “I just want it all to fall away. At least for a little bit.”

Icarus pulled back slightly. His eyes were still bright, filled with desire, but he stood up, slowly letting her legs down to the floor. “Come on,” he said. “I remember what always made everything fall away for you.”

She knew instantly what he meant, and she pulled back. “Grady, no. I didn’t…I haven’t. Not since…” Other than when they’d first brought her here.

His hand was gentle on hers, but he still tugged her along with him. “I know, Cassie. Eighteen years, almost nineteen, is a long time to go without something you used to love. You haven’t forgotten what to do have you?”

She shook her head. No, she hadn’t forgotten. Not since the first time she’d climbed on the back of his motorcycle.


Will she go with him? Or will she continue to stay away and let her fear rule over her?

A to Z: D is for Dive

In the last post, we left Icarus and Cassie kissing. This picks up right after that. Warning: there is mention of domestic abuse in this post. It’s brief, but if it’s triggering for you, I won’t be upset if you skip the post. But, also it won’t be the last mention of it as it’s part of Cassie and Trace’s past.


Cassie couldn’t believe she was here kissing Icarus. A year ago she was sure she’d never even see him again. That it was for the best she hadn’t ended up with him. How had her father and Henry brainwashed her into thinking he was the dangerous one? That had always been Henry. Why hadn’t she seen it before?

She had, she reminded herself. Every time his hand had struck her.

Icarus pulled back slightly from her, and she couldn’t help the sound of protest that escaped. He smiled and bent his head to press another kiss, this one brief, to  her lips. “We should probably get back,” he said and sounded about as disappointed as she felt.

They should probably do something about that one of these days. But every time she thought she was ready to go to him, she chickened out at the last minute.

She needed to do something about that as well. She wished she had enough courage to do it. But, for now she just slipped her arm through his and walked with him back toward the clubhouse. They didn’t speak any more, but she was fine with that. She didn’t mind walking in silence with him.

When they reached the clubhouse, she saw Trace standing on the porch. And his face relaxed when he saw them approaching. “I have to check in with the board,” Icarus said. “We have some decisions to make, but we shouldn’t be long.” Then, he kissed her cheek and left her on the porch to go into the house.

Cassie looked over at her son and smiled, though it froze there when her gaze fell on the tags on his vest. Dive. That’s what they were calling him. She hated thinking about the way he’d earned the name. Or the reason he was good at diving out of the way. So, she averted her gaze from it and back up to his face.

“I’m guessing Dad told you,” he said. “About Henry.”

She nodded and moved over beside him. “He did.” Her hands trembled as she set them against the railing. “He…what if he comes after us, Trace?”

She realized how ridiculous it sounded as soon as the words left her mouth. She should have been the one to trying to assure him instead of seeking that assurance from him.

“He won’t get us,” Trace said, his voice firm. “You should know this by now. You’ve been here long enough to see that the club circles around us when there’s trouble. He won’t get through that to us. Dad won’t let him.”

Icarus had tried to tell her basically the same thing. She wanted to believe him, both of them. But, it was hard to trust in something she still didn’t completely understand.

Trace slid his arm around her shoulders. “We’ll be okay, Mom. I promise you.”

She still wasn’t sure she believed him, but she walked with him into the house. She’d pretend if it made him feel better. She owed him that much at least.


Why does she feel she owes Trace that much? Will they be okay? What will happen? Stick with me, and you’ll find out.


A to Z: C is for Cassie

In the last scene, we left Icarus knowing they need to be prepared for what’s to come. And part of that will include letting Cassie know what that could be. But, he’s not looking forward to the conversation. Also, there’s a reason Ladies is capitalized. They’re the wives/girlfriends/old ladies of the Riders of Justice and are referred to as Ladies of Justice, or just shortened to “Ladies”.


Icarus left Trace and Birdie standing together in a corner of the main room and went in search of Cassie. He knew she was safe, that nothing had happened to her. And still he needed to see her before he really knew.

After a quick search of the downstairs rooms, he didn’t find her inside. And he didn’t know what reason she’d have to go upstairs this time of day. Unless it was to have a few moments alone. Though most of the Riders and even the Ladies gave her space when it was obvious she needed it. They were good like that.

But, that meant she was probably still outside. He hoped she wasn’t alone, unless she wanted to be. And he really hoped she hadn’t heard the news from anyone else. This wasn’t something that would stay only among the members for long. Henry had never gone after anyone except him and his. But, the other men would want their old ladies to be warned as well.

But, he should be the one to let her know. Even if she didn’t want to be his. She always would be.

He turned around the corner of the clubhouse and saw her standing in the middle of the yard. With Barbie and Raven standing with her. They were smiling and chatting, and he let out a relieved breath. That would not be the expression on their faces if they’d heard anything. He wasn’t too late.

She turned her head then and a smile spread as she saw him approaching. He’d missed that smile. It had taken a while before it had made an appearance after they’d brought her here. And it still wasn’t a common sight, but it was coming more often. That was all he could ask for.

Even if he wanted to ask a lot more. He wasn’t going to rush her and risk ruining what they could have. He just wasn’t used to moving this slow.

“Ladies,” he greeted them.

Barbie smiled indulgently at him. She’d been in love with Bull since they were graduating high school from the stories Chief had told. And she’d waited for him until he came back from serving in the Army. Icarus was sure she would have waited any amount of time for him.

He’d always wanted to have that kind of love. Instead Cassie had crushed his heart. It had taken nearly twenty years to learn she’d been trying to protect him.

Now, it was up to him to protect her.

Icarus wrapped his arm around Cassie’s waist. “You want to take a walk with me?” he asked.

“Another one?” she asked with a smile. “What is with you and walking lately? If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were courting me, Grady Hartson.”

He let out a bitter laugh. “If I’d ever tried that, your father would have just tossed me out.”

He regretted that as soon as the words were out of his mouth. Her father had done worse than that. He’d tossed Icarus into a cell on trumped up kidnapping charges and only released him when Cassie had agreed to marry another man.

Henry Kearns. Who now threatened the people he loved.

Cassie slipped her arm through his and gave him a soft smile. “Thankfully my father doesn’t dictate my choices any longer.”

Yes, thank goodness for that. But what he was going to tell her was likely going to wipe that smile right off her face. And he absolutely hated it. But, there wasn’t really much he could do about that.

She needed to be prepared.

He waited until they’d walked a short distance away before saying anything. “I have to tell you something, Cass, and it’s going to be hard.”

She stilled beside him then turned to look up at him. “Is this about whatever you had that meeting for?”

“It’s part of it,” he admitted. “There were some other things, but this is the only one that directly affects you.”

The color leeched right out of her face. “Henry?” she asked.

He should have known she’d figure it out easily enough. “Yes,” he said and proceeded to give her the highlights of what Arrow had told them. When he was finished, her face was still pale, but her lips were set in a firm line.

“Why is he doing this?” she asked.

Icarus had a few answers to that, but none that would make her feel any better. “I’m not going to let him hurt you. Not you or Trace. Never again, Cassie. Do you understand me?”

There were tears trembling on her lashes, but she nodded. He brought his thumb up to brush away a tear from her cheek. He kept cradling her face as he lowered his mouth to hers. He kept the kiss light, not wanting to push her. It wasn’t the first time he’d kissed her in the last months, but he’d always kept them light, feeling she wasn’t ready for more.

He wanted to give her time. To let her heal from everything Henry had put her through. To let her come back to him.

But, now her lips parted and moved against his. And he lost himself in the taste of her.


Has he given her enough time? Will he be able to keep Henry from hurting them?

A to Z: B is for Birdie

Last time I left you with Icarus heading into a meeting. But, just what was exposed during that meeting? What decisions might have been made? Well, this scene picks up just after that meeting.


Icarus’ hands were shaking even as he pushed his chair back from the table. He’d barely been able to get through closing the meeting. Not after Arrow had given his report. Thank goodness that had waited until nearly the end. He may have left in the middle of everything to find Cassie and wrap her up somewhere safe.


He looked over and saw Trace approaching him. His face was about as bone white as Icarus’ felt. It had been a long time since he’d felt this much fear. “Trace, I know you’re worried-”

“Don’t try to put me at ease, Dad. I can see it in your eyes, too. He’s going to come after us, isn’t he?”

“We can’t know that.” His son looked him straight in the eye, though, as if he didn’t believe him. Damn, he’d certainly changed in less than a year. Back then, he probably wouldn’t have made that eye contact, and if he had he would have dropped it instantly, afraid of retaliation. Not so anymore. Icarus wasn’t sure anything could make him prouder. And it made him admit, “But, yeah, he probably will.”

Icarus hadn’t thought Trace’s face could go any paler, but he proved him wrong once again. “Don’t let him get Mom. Whatever you do, don’t-”

“Stop, Trace,” Icarus said, even the thought sending a sharp blade right through his chest. “You have to know the last thing I’d do was let any harm ever come to your mother again.”

Trace didn’t say a word, though, as he headed out into the hallway. Icarus understood. Sometimes there were some promises it was completely impossible to keep.

Out in the hallway, he saw Birdie waiting. Trace went right to her, laying his forehead against hers. Icarus wasn’t worried about what Trace would tell her, he knew the rules of the club. None of their business got spread outside the four walls of the meeting room. And non-members weren’t allowed inside those walls. Except in certain circumstances. And even though Birdie would always be part of the club as his legal daughter, she wasn’t in the club.

Still, this was something she should know if she was going to remain safe. Cassie and Trace weren’t the only ones that man had hurt.

“Birdie,” Icarus said, trying to keep his voice level and calm. “How about you two come inside. We should discuss something.”

Birdie looked concerned, and he wondered how much she knew already. None of the men would discuss this outside the meeting room, but depending on how long she’d been standing there, she might have picked up on some of it. The door to the room was nearly soundproof, so it was unlikely she’d overheard anything without her ear pressed to the door, and she knew better. But the men might have murmured as they left, if they hadn’t realized she was there yet.

And she had always been good at picking up undercurrents. She had to know something was going on, even if she didn’t know exactly what it was. And he didn’t want her worrying needlessly.

Not that this would be needless worry.

This wasn’t the first time Birdie had been in the meeting room, though it was a rare occurrence. The last time had been because her personal business became club business. This time her safety was club business, and that was something Icarus would never take lightly.

“What’s going on?” she asked as soon as Trace closed the door behind them. “It’s not Brad again, is it? Did the Crows go after him again? I know you said we have a truce with them now, but that doesn’t include Brad, does it?”

Knowing the way Brad had used Birdie for his own agenda, a part of Icarus wouldn’t mind sending him to the Crows as a sacrifice. But, he knew it wouldn’t be right.

“This doesn’t have anything to do with the Ivory Crows or Brad,” Icarus told her.

“It’s my stepdad,” Trace said, moving closer to Birdie. “He may be stirring up trouble again.”

That took most of the color out of her face. “What do you mean, may be?”

Icarus quickly told her what Arrow had overheard. That Henry Kearns was back on the force after more than six months of medical leave. That there were rumors he was opening an investigation on the Riders of Justice. “I don’t want you to be scared,” Icarus said. “This might not turn into anything. Just please be careful if you two go out there. I don’t want to know what he might do if he finds the two of you alone.”

“I won’t let him hurt her,” Trace insisted. “That’s the last thing I’d ever let happen.”

“I know,” Icarus said. And he did. But, there were certain things you couldn’t plan for. “Go on now. When we find out more, we’ll know just how to handle this. For now, all we can do is wait and see.”

But, he’d known there was a possibility this could happen. And he’d be prepared when the worst came down.


What is Henry up to? Is he going to come after them? Will they be able to prepare for whatever he has in mind?

Sunday Summary: Shifting Ahead

It’s been a pretty good week for me. On Monday I decided to change how I worked on my projects. Which takes me back to working on drafting one project at a time. It should also still give me time to work on plotting & editing other projects. I’ll figure out how many scenes I have to write a day to meet a deadline and those are the scenes I’ll write that day. And whatever writing time I have left will be split between editing & plotting. As long as the characters I keep waiting behave, this should work.

Yesterday was my second-youngest cousin’s wedding. Her and the youngest are only about a month apart(she got married about 1.5 years ago) and are about 8 years younger than me. I can still remember when they were really little. Hard to believe they’re married now. It was a good day. The invitation said to wear casual attire and I may have celebrated that a bit. 😉 If I can get away with wearing pants instead of a skirt or dress, oh yeah. The ceremony was pretty quick, only about 20 minutes. Then, we waited at the reception hall for about 2 hours before they got done with pictures. Good dinner, lots of dancing(that I mostly just watched, because I’d prefer to do that anyway), then we came home. Only got a comment from 1 sister(and not the one I’d thought it would come from) about me not drinking. I don’t have a problem with drinking, I just don’t do a lot of it. And I didn’t feel like it last night, so I only had a can of pop. Whatever.

Anyway, on to my progress for this week:

  • Write: Shoot for 10000 words between projects – 12125/10000. All of those were on Defending the Heart since I changed how I was working on things. I also got the novella in this series, Heart of Christmas, mostly brainstormed. 1 more mind map to do.
    • But, Piers didn’t hear any more. He was already running out the door. He wasn’t going to let anything happen to Xavier. No matter what it cost him. *yeah that doesn’t sound too good does it. The next scenes are going to be intense.
  • Edit: Stained Blood – continue writing new scenes, shoot for total of 1000 words – I’ve finished 3/14 new scenes. Added 872/1000 words.
  • Side Projects – 1000 words/200 per project – 1178/1000 words. Didn’t quite hit 200 on each project, though. And going to shelve Fade Away. it’s just not coming together the way I’d hoped.
    • Midas’ Daughter –  264 words – She was definitely not what he’d first assumed. And he definitely liked the girl he was getting to know.
    • Fade Away – 138 words – I was fading away and no one noticed a thing.
    • Patrick & Sarah – 267 words – “Will,” she said, her breath catching. “He has terrors at night sometimes. I’ll just make sure he’s okay.” *yeah, pretty sure those “terrors” go by the name of Tommy.
    • Tavin & Haiwee – 157 words – They walked along in silence for a few minutes. It was probably better this way. Tavin was less likely to put his foot in his mouth if he kept it closed.
    • Roman – 225 words – She shrank away as he approached the doorway. “Couldn’t sleep,” she mumbled. “Thought I was the only one awake then I saw your light. I didn’t mean to disturb you.” *Oh, Tereza, you’ll learn you have nothing to fear from Roman
    • Dougal & Shae – 127 words – “How’s that going?” his father asked, his voice a little gruff. “Your new job. It everything you thought it would be, getting away from your old man.”“Da,” Dougal said, aggravation and affection mixing in his voice. “You know it’s not like that. We can’t work together, though. You had to see that, too.”
  • Patreon – write new side story(this one will be Mason & Lila from First Choice, Second Chance) & if I get chapter 1 of Patrick & Sarah’s story back from beta & edited I’ll post it too – I got the Mason & Lila story started Saturday morning. 123 words. And I got Chapter 1 back Friday night but have only read through the comments so far. Will start working on edits this week. I did send Chapter 1 of Tavin & Haiwee to beta as well.
    • Mason & Lila – “How’d you know I was looking for Lila?” he asked before the rest went through his head. He’d been up early doing chores and really could have used more caffeine before coming to school. “What do you mean pop quiz? And how do you know about it if it’s supposed to be a secret?” *I may like writing Mason & Brian’s early friendship as much as I do Mason & Lila getting together.
  • Snow White Twist – read through – started the read through. Got through Chapter 1 as of this morning.
  • Listen: From the Moment We Met(Marina Adair) & The Emerald Brooch(Katherine Lowry Logan) – finished From the Moment We Met(really enjoyed) and have listened to almost half of The Emerald Brooch(loving it)
  • Read: Walk the Edge(Katie McGarry), Leveling the Field(Megan Erickson), Ignite(Rebecca Yarros), Forbidden(Beverly Jenkins), Murder Comes Ashore(Julie Anne Lindsey), Destiny(Carly Phillips), and It’s Always Been You(Jessica Scott) – Finished Walk the Edge(loved), Leveling the Field(loved), and Ignite(enjoyed). I liked Forbidden, though it felt like she kept putting historical details in she’d found during research even if they didn’t really have a place in the story, and it kept yanking me out of it. I really enjoyed Murder Comes Ashore(though I’m not Team Sebastian, honestly he kept pissing me off. I like Adrian much better). I finished Destiny on the drive to the wedding and enjoyed it. I’d taken my kindle along too but hadn’t thought to load It’s Always Been You before leaving the house(hadn’t realized it was in the cloud not already on the device) and didn’t have internet available to do that. So, I ended up starting one that was already on the kindle, Dancer of the Nile(Veronica Scott). I’m only 19% through it now. I’ll probably read It’s Always Been You today then pick Dancer back up.
  • Crochet: Flower Coaster – I finished this one wp-1488034712809.jpg
  • Loom: Ambrosia Love Scarf – got this one started but not too far
  • A to Z Challenge: DraftPost B, C-Z –  I finished the ‘B’ post and have 536 words for ‘C’.

A lot of green for this week. Happy with that and the blue. These goals are only going to go through Tuesday. Then, I’m going to go straight from my monthly goals instead of making a list each week(I’ll still have that weekly list in my to-do lists, just not here). Until then, my goals for finishing up February:

  • Finish 1st draft of Defending the Heart
  • Edit: Stained Blood – continue writing new scenes. Target: 400 words
  • Plot: Heart of Christmas – finish brainstorming, start Alaina’s back story
  • Side Projects – 200 words
  • Patreon – work on Mason & Lila(and come up with a better title) & edit Patrick & Sarah Chapter 1.
  • Snow White Twist – work on read through
  • Listen: The Emerald Brooch(Katherine Lowry Logan)
  • Read: It’s Always Been You(Jessica Scott), Dancer of the Nile(Veronica Scott), When the Duke was Wicked(Lorraine Heath), Passenger(Alexandra Bracken), & Last Words(Stacy Green)
  • Loom: Ambrosia Love Scarf
  • A to Z Challenge: Draft – finish Post C, start post D

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