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Day 3: Selling

Woo! Got it to exactly 100 words for today’s prompt of writing a drabble. Started at 138 words and managed to cut it down. And even worked in today’s prompt of the final line: Everything must go, from Gabriela Periera. This is the beginning(or just before the beginning) of the NA ghost story I just finished plotting last week. And now I’m off to start writing it!


“You don’t have to go yourself.”

I ignored him as I folded another shirt into the suitcase. I’d been doing a lot of that in the last week. Ever since the reading of Aunt Adriane’s will. Dad was pissed. That might have been one of the reasons she’d done it.

And she loved me.

“Seriously, Yasmin,” he continued. “I can send some men to get it ready to sell. You don’t have to go.”

I slammed the suitcase shut. “I’m going, Dad. She left the house to me.”

He spun away from me. “Just remember, you’re selling. Everything must go.”

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