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5/9: Making a List

Maura needed to make a list. Evan was still off on his business trip, Dalila was taking a nap, and the older two were still at school. She didn’t know how much more time she had to herself, so she needed to start now.

Who had a business trip over Easter weekend? It wasn’t the first lie she’d caught him in. For a decade, she’d denied her suspicions, looked the other way, bought his excuses and apologies. Now he was just shoving her face in it. She couldn’t take anymore. If it wasn’t for the way he completely ignored their three kids, except for when it was convenient for him to show them off, she might stay. But, she saw how it was affecting them. Particularly Finn. He was such a sensitive boy, and if he had his way, Evan would break that. She never wanted anything to break her son.

Maura went into his office and grabbed a notepad from his desk. Usually he kept her from this room. Well, she didn’t really care if he yelled now. She hopefully wouldn’t be here when he got back from this “business trip”. She took the pad and a pen back into the kitchen and sat at the table. Tapping the pen against the pad, she tried to think of what came first.

Find lawyer.

Yes, that definitely needed to come first. Amanda had already offered to let them stay with her until the kids were done with school. That was two more months. But, she needed someone who could help her through this process.

Find apartment.

She’d have to drive up to Crystal Glen for that. Mark had offered to help her with the search. Her and her brother hadn’t always gotten along, but he’d be there for her when she needed him. Nolan, too, even though he was certainly not a brother to her. She shivered a little at the thought of him. If she hadn’t already been engaged to Evan when Mark first brought him to the house, maybe her and Nolan would have gotten something started.

Pack Kids’ things.

She should probably do that first. She wanted to be ready when Tonya and Finn got home from school. She’d worry about her own when she could.

Tell Evan.

She supposed she should actually tell her husband she was leaving him. That could wait until they were ready to leave though.

Tell Dad.

That worried her even more than telling Evan. Her father had basically arranged the marriage. She doubted he’d be too happy that she was ending it. But, her father was rarely happy about anything. Particularly anything her and Mark had ever done. Their baby brother, Patrick, was a different story. But, she couldn’t stay in this marriage another day. He had to understand that.

She knew there were more things she needed to get done. But, she had something to start with for now. Maybe Amanda would help her figure out the rest of it.

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