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5/2: Engagements

*This is the story of Donovan and Chrissa’s(Adrian’s parents from the Flames series) engagement – told by Donovan’s younger brother. Based on some things that happen/are said in Flames of Renewal.


Sometimes I think I remember that day better than when I asked my own Nessa to marry my poor, pitiful self. I was thirteen, gangly, and a bit awkward. So, the fact Chrissa Rian had ever even smiled at me, let alone spoken to me seemed a miracle to me.

But, she was dating my oldest brother.

I still think Donnie was an idiot. She’d been in love with him since they were fifteen. And he kept her waiting until they were twenty. But, Donovan was always careful about letting people in. He said it was because he wanted to wait until he’d finished at the police academy and had a place in the department. We all knew what it really was, though. He was scared she’d say no. That she’d realize what a fool he was and finally walk away.

Like I said, my oldest brother’s an idiot. She never would have left him. I’m pretty sure she proved that through their lives. Even if he would have deserved it a few times.

Anyway, I was talking about that day. My parents were having a picnic out at their place for the beginning of summer and my big sister’s graduation. These picnics always turned into big things. My parents loved to have people over. The more the merrier. I don’t even think most of them knew what was happening. But, I saw Donovan lead Chrissa to the bridge over the pond. Dad had it built as a wedding gift for Mom. We spent a lot of time on it as boys fishing and jumping in. And Donovan and Devlin tossed me into the pond from it plenty, too.

Donovan had missed part of the picnic because he’d had a date with Chrissa. But, he brought her back to the house with him and led her out to that bridge. When he got to the middle of it, he dropped to one knee and took her hand. Even then, he thought he had to beg her to marry him. And for some reason, she agreed.

I accused him of stealing my girl. And he threw me over the bridge into the pond. Yeah, I probably deserved it that time.

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