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5/16: You

You walk down the street, head down, feet moving forward. Voices rise and fall around you, but you’ve learned to ignore them. They don’t know, not the way things were, not really, and you don’t know how to make them see.

Why you’d stay, why you still loved them, why you couldn’t move on after he was gone. You still saw the spark of the man he used to be. The boy you had first loved. You thought you could find a way to bring that back. No matter how many times he struck you.

He wore you down, though, until you didn’t think you could make another choice. You thought you didn’t have anywhere else to go. That you couldn’t just start over again. You didn’t see your son hoping you would do exactly that.

You knew he suffered too, but you didn’t know what to do. So, you stayed. Any number of people would have helped you, but you never reached out. You didn’t know you could. Even when he was gone.

You’ve been trying to find your way, stand on your own feet. But, you need to learn you can still accept a hand. And there is one all too eager to offer that to you. To give you everything you could ever want or need. All you have to do is finally open your eyes and see him.

You could finally truly be free.

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