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5/14: What You Don’t Know

Didn’t exactly follow today’s prompt. Instead of writing about something I don’t know, I had Nolan helping Tonya with something she didn’t. Although, I never did quite understand algebra equations, so I guess it still works. 🙂


Nolan walked into the kitchen and saw Tonya tapping her pencil against the table. He watched her as he pulled stuff for dinner out of the refrigerator. “Everything okay?” he asked when the pencil tapped faster. If she kept that up, it was going to break into pieces.

Then, she tossed it across the kitchen. “I’m stupid. I can’t figure this out. I don’t know any of this stuff.”

His heart broke for the girl. He knew her mother had never called her that, but he was sure he knew where she had gotten it from. The kids had just gotten back from spending the weekend with their father. He pulled a chair out from the table, turning it around to straddle it.

“You’re far from stupid, Tonya. We’ve been over this before. Everyone struggles with things sometimes. Go pick up the pencil, and I’ll try to help you figure it out.”

He glanced at the book as she stood up to retrieve the thrown pencil. Oh goody. Algebra equations. He hadn’t been bad at math, but it had been a long time since he’d had to figure any of these out.

“Why isn’t Mom here making dinner?” Tonya asked as she came back to the table.

“She had classes today. She should be home by the time it’s ready.” He’d encouraged his new wife to go back to school. Just what her first husband had tried to discourage her from doing. It made their schedules and finances tight right now, but he knew it would be better in the long run than her feeling like she was held down.

“All right,” he said when she was sitting again, “what’s the first problem?”

He helped her work her way through it and smiled when she came up with the answer on her own. “See?” he said when she worked the next one all on her own. “What you don’t know doesn’t make you stupid. Sometimes you just need to ask for a little help. Speaking of,” he added, glancing at the ingredients on the counter, “do you know what your mom expected me to do with that?”

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