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5/10 – A New Mother’s Day

Maura lay in the bed, staring up at the ceiling. She didn’t have to remember what today was. And because of that, she hadn’t been able to fall back to sleep since waking up early that morning. For the last years, she’d walk down to the kitchen in their large house and there’s be a single red rose and a new piece of jewelery waiting for her on the counter. And for the last several years there’d been a couple handmade cards. She knew that had been none of her husband’s doing, though.

With a sigh, she threw off the sheet and climbed from the bed. Before she made it more than a step, though, the door opened. She stopped with a hand on the end of the bed as two small faces poked through the open door. As her youngest two kids came into the room, she saw they carried messily wrapped packages. And behind them, her older daughter carried a tray. She couldn’t tell what was on it through the film in her eyes.

They’d never brought breakfast to her before. Their father never would have helped them put it together. This had to be Amanda’s doing. She didn’t know how she’d ever make it up to her friend. She’d already done so much by letting them stay here while the kids finished out the school year.

Tonya walked forward with the tray as Maura sat back on the bed. Finn jumped on the bed. And Dalila just stood there, holding her wrapped package out to her. Maura felt the tears slide down her cheeks. She knew the jewelery Evan bought her was expensive. It also usually sat in the jewelery box, collecting dust. This…this meant so much more to her than anything else.

“Happy Mother’s Day,” Tonya said quietly, her voice sounding strained.

Maura knew this move had been hardest on the ten-year-old. She dragged her into a hug first. “Thank you. All of you.”

She saw her friend standing in the doorway. “And you,” she told Amanda.

“I only supervised,” her friend insisted.

That didn’t matter. She had helped her kids put this together for her. She didn’t even know how to start repaying her.

As if she’d said the words out loud, Amanda told her, “Just enjoy your day. You deserve it.”

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  2. This is sad and sweet and tense all at once. You evoked the emotions…just when I was getting past the day…I do like non-saccharine Mother’s Day stories.

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