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“It’s your call to make,” Tereza said. “Not anyone else’s. if you like him, that should be what matters.”

Wyatt shook his head. “‘Should be’s don’t rule this world. Otherwise the man I loved for nearly a decade would still be alive, and this wouldn’t be an issue. If he’d still been alive, I wouldn’t have ever even been drawn to a former criminal. Trust me, I’ve heard plenty of that ‘shouldn’t be’ from my father.”

“Well, like I said, Wyatt, it’s your call to make. Not your father’s or anyone else’s. As for the former criminal part, I’m married to one of them as well. And he’s one of the best men I know. Kaden was born into a hard life, and no one took the effort to show him the way out for a long time. He helped put a worse man behind bars and served his own time. And now he’s trying to live a better life. That’s not nothing, Wyatt, even if it wasn’t for him also saving my sister-in-law’s life.” She took a deep breath and smiled again. “But, it’s not my call to make for you, either.”

Wyatt rubbed his fingers over his eyes. He’d never been as black and white in his thinking as his father. And yet he’d let his opinion on this steer him. He opened his eyes and saw Kaden standing in the doorway to the kitchen, watching him back. His call. It was one he just might have to make.


More Wyatt and Kaden for you for this Stream of Consciousness Saturday, which had the prompt of “call”, either the word itself or a word that contains those letters in that order. Some context to this: Wyatt and his longtime boyfriend were both soldiers, his boyfriend was killed about two years before this, and this is the first time he’s really been attracted to someone else. His father is a cop, as is Wyatt at the moment. And yes, Kaden has committed crimes in the past(and not just petty ones). Carlos own the restaurant and often gives those with that kind of troubled past a second chance(like he was given at one time).

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