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“So… what’s he like?” Tarian asked.

Kyran speared his fingers through his hair then dropped his hand to the table. “He’s cocky, controlling, too smooth for his own good and has better hair than I do.”

She laughed. “Sounds like you like him.”

“Hah, he likes himself too much for that, trust me.”

“Riiiight.” Tarian grinned at him. “Keep telling yourself that, Ky.”

He slumped back in the chair. “What is wrong with me? I’m friends with you even though your father managed to steal my kingdom away from me. And here I am, falling for a pirate captain who is the worst person for me if I have any hopes of changing my fortune.”

Tarian shook her head. “First of all, us being friends makes perfect sense. Since my father tried to have me killed. And if there hadn’t been so much fanfare when I returned my brother’s body, he probably would have tried again then. And sometimes the person who appears the worst for you is actually the best.”

From the smile on her face, he was sure she was thinking about her wife again. The queen. He still couldn’t believe that. He could only wish he could find what she apparently had. But, that’s all that was. Wishful thinking.


Today’s Fiction Friday is brought to you by Pirates and my Snow White retelling. I didn’t realize they’d take place in the same world until I started writing this.

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