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Welcome back to another visit with the Weekend Writing Warriors, the blog hop for anyone who likes to write, where we share 8-10 sentences from a project and sometimes get creative with punctuation. 😉 I’m actually getting this up Friday, because we have an all day family reunion a state away(it’s only about an hour drive, but still in another state) on Saturday. I’ve skipped ahead just a little bit. Hawk and Noah are still talking.

“He wanted me to help take you out. He still thinks my aim was just slightly off last week.”

It all came crashing down on me now. “That was you? You shot me with a fucking pellet gun?”

Noah grinned at me again. “It was slightly higher caliber than that,” he said, “but basically, yes. It knocked you out of the way of his much higher caliber bullet. Your helmet wouldn’t have even stopped it.”

“You could have killed me,” I said, a bit incredulous with how cavalier he seemed to be by this.

Noah just turned 18 and may not always make the best decisions. He definitely didn’t have a good role model in his father. But, was his heart in the right place? I’ll have more next weekend.

Comments on: "Weekend Writing Warriors: “Slightly Off”" (12)

  1. Well…he was looking out for him, yet… I can see both sides of this. The bottom line is–he saved his life by shooting him. A very complex situation between them though.

  2. I think Hawk was missing the point that however messed up it was, Noah did save his life. but ouch, what a way to do it! Enjoying the story complications, terrific snippet. Much to ponder!

  3. Beware of naive young fools with guns raised on video games in which someone gets shot and immediately pops back to life.

  4. Oh fuffa! What a way to save a friend. Nifty writing.

  5. Yeah, thanks a lot there, bro. But he did save his life while almost ending it. Noah is going to be real trouble, isn’t he?

    • Oh, I imagine he will be. I have a feeling he’s quite reckless, and he does still have some growing up to do.

  6. Not the best decision, but it seemed to have saved him.

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