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Welcome back to another visit with the Weekend Writing Warriors, the blog hop for anyone who likes to write, where we share 8-10 sentences from a project and sometimes get creative with punctuation. 😉 I’m continuing with Hawk’s story. Only skipping a bit ahead into the next scene. Devil is back and not letting Hawk get away with trying to push him away.

“How was Mr. Bentley?”

“Perfectly fine, as I’m sure you knew he’d be. That’s not why you sent me there. Are you going to deny it?”

I would have turned my head away, but I didn’t even have the energy for that, so I only closed my eyes.

“Damn it, Gavin. If I’d done that, you’d tell me I was being stupid for trying to isolate myself. How does it being you doing it make it any different?”

I couldn’t answer that; I knew he had a point, but I couldn’t think about it right now. I just wanted him to be safe, and there was no way he could be if he stayed at my side.

Is Hawk right? Will being at his side be dangerous? Or maybe keep him safe?

Comments on: "WeWriWa: “At My Side”" (14)

  1. How sad. A tough position to be in. Having to push someone away. Tweeted.

  2. There are times I just want to shake your characters (inagoodway) and tell them to TALK to each other LOL. They’ve become so real to me through all the snippets! But at least Hawk is trying to open the dialogue…enjoyed the excerpt, always love to spend time with these guys.

  3. More big trouble ahead. I can taste it.

  4. I understand his dilemma, but I hope they open up and discuss it. And surprise, his real name is Gavin! Love it.

  5. I wonder if he’s right to worry. They really need to talk this through.

  6. Awesome snippet. It sounds like my kind of story.

  7. What a bad position to be in. Damned if he does. Damned if he doesn’t. But it is so important to keep him safe…

    Good snippet.

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