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Story a Day is now over, so I’m back to just using prompts I’ve found on Pinterest yet again. Today’s is:


I looked up as the door opened. The man who entered wasn’t what I was expecting. He was tall, but slim. Not like the officers who had brought me in. Not like the either muscle-bound or pudgy ones I watched on cop shows growing up.

He shut the door behind him and walked slowly toward the table where I sat. Even though his legs were long enough to take him there in a few strides. He was making me wait. And I could admit, it was working.

“What am I doing here?” I demanded. “The officers only said I had to answer some questions. Am I being charged with something or being illegally detained?”

I almost thought he was going to crack a grin. Instead he dropped the file on the table and slowly lowered into a chair. Did he do everything slow?

Finally, he spoke, “Either you’re a law student, or you spend too much time watching television.”

“Neither,” I said. “Now, why was I arrested?”

“You weren’t.”

I really liked the sound of his voice. No matter how much his slow actions were setting me on edge, the voice soothed it out.

“You were brought in for questioning.”

“About what? I haven’t done anything.”

“Then, how do you explain these?” he asked, flipping open the folder. Photographs spilled out. A lot of photographs. Most of them were crinkled, brown with age. And there were a few drawings. But, every one had my face on them. Even ones that had to go back at least two hundred years. And I remembered every single moment recorded in those drawings and photos.

Shit. “I can’t,” I told him. Even if I thought he would believe me, I’d made a promise never to reveal our family secret. I wouldn’t betray that vow now.


I wrote ‘Changing History‘ last September for Story a Day. This is the same character that showed up there. I do have plans to flesh this out more. We’ll see how that goes.

Comments on: "Fiction Friday: Interrogation" (2)

  1. I wrote today too!
    I was inspired by a Youtube video though.
    I love this prompt you used.

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