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It’s the last day of Story a Day, and today’s prompt was to write a story about a creative person who has just completed, or is in the throes of completing a massive creative effort. I used characters from my current novel project, Flames of Knowledge. Connor is a painter and he’s been getting ready for an art show. This will come close to the end of the story, which I’m not quite to yet, but hopefully by the end of June.


Connor stepped back away from the easel. He studied the canvas intently, hardly breathing for a moment. Waiting for that feeling that something just wasn’t right. It usually swamped him when he first finished a painting. Until he tried to see it through someone else’s eyes.
It didn’t come this time. There was no doubt that everything about this painting was perfect. He took a few steps back and sank down onto the stool he’d pushed away when he’d been sucked into the frenzy of finishing this.
That was it. He was done now. All the paintings that had been ruined were replaced in time for the show. Once the painting was dry and sealed, he could take it to Dev at the gallery, and she could figure out what to do with them. He only had to show up for the show now.
He’d expected to feel satisfied, and he did. But, he hadn’t expected to feel quite so drained. It happened sometimes when he’d painted for hours on end. But, never quite like this.
He felt like he could sleep for at least a full day. And he usually didn’t sleep more than six hours, often quite a bit less at a time. He barely heard the footsteps but felt Ames’ arm wrap around his shoulders.
“God, Connor,” they said, and he could hear the awe in their voice. “Is that truly the way you see me?”
“As the most splendid person I’ve ever laid my eyes on? Absolutely. You’re a masterpiece I couldn’t dare to try to improve on.”
They shoved his shoulder and laughed. “And you keep trying to insist you don’t know how to flirt.”
“It’s nothing but the truth.” And he was determined to show them just how stunning he found them as long as Ames continued to give him that privilege.
Ames tugged him up off the truth. “Come on. I can see how exhausted you are now. You can get that ready to go to Dev later. Let’s go to bed now.”
Now that sounded like a pretty good idea to him.

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