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This week isn’t going quite as well as the last one did. I’m still making slow progress, though. Sunday we went down to the local ice cream place and took both dogs with us. They give a special doggie ice cream(a small cup of vanilla with a milk bone on top). That was an experience. Our older dog stayed in the backseat of the truck, but kept going from window to window. Our younger dog, however…sitting on the girl, then climbing over the boy’s lap then into the front and climbing all over me. And it was much the same on the way back. I still have a small scratch on my leg today from him.

The Baron Bridge 😉

We didn’t really do much Monday. Husband had to work in the morning. I started doing the week’s laundry, though I decided to wait until Tuesday to worry about any of the other chores. The second load was on the second rinse cycle when the washer started making a grinding noise. I threw my clothes, sopping wet, into the dryer, since I couldn’t figure out what was wrong and they were just about done anyway. It took about 2 hours for them to dry, though. Husband did some research when he got home and thinks it’s a plastic coupler on the motor(I think is what he said). The washer is almost 12 years old, and it’s the first we’ve had a problem with it. He ordered the parts, but they’re not supposed to be here until Monday. Our neighbor is letting me use her washer today for the kids’ clothes, at least. Hopefully we’ll have it fixed next week.

But, right now, it’s time for WiPPet Wednesday!! I’m still working on this week’s goal for Flames of Knowledge, so I’ll be sharing from that this week. I have 30 sentences today(Too hot to do more complicated math). Connor went to the pub to talk to his cousin(Gio, who you may remember) and Ames comes in with some of the firefighters from the station to celebrate their birthday. When Connor learns this, he decides to sketch a picture and get it to Ames.

He saw they’d smudged a line of the face and instantly dug a pencil and eraser from his bag. “It’s okay,” he said. “I can fix it.”
Ames jerked their head up and stared at him. “You did this?”
He suddenly found it hard to swallow. “Yeah. It was just real quick. It’s not a big deal.”
He could feel their eyes on him as he bent over the paper and touched up the line that had been smudged. Then, he took a step back. If they didn’t like it, he didn’t know what he was going to do. Probably run out and find a hole he could bury himself in until the embarrassment finally faded away.
“If this was real quick, what would it be like when you take your time?”
There were a few chuckles around him, and Connor guessed there was an innuendo in there. Those so often flew over his head, but he just kept his gaze on the paper in front of him. “Better,” he said.
There was more laughter, and he felt one elbow nudge him, but he turned away. “Sorry. I’ll go. I wasn’t invited. I just wanted you to have that. I…I’ll go,” he said again, knowing he sounded like an idiot but not sure what else to do.
“No, wait,” Ames said.
Connor was pretty sure he stopped breathing. But, no, then he would pass out and hit the floor. At least there were plenty of people with emergency medical training on the premises.
“Why don’t you join us?”
His knees felt a little weak, so he dropped into the closest chair. At least that would keep him from hitting the floor too hard.

Color Code:

Finished/Monthly Goal Met


Nothing Done

Set Aside


  • Primary: Craving You – Story Toolkit 
  • Secondary: Craving You – Outline Act 1 
    • This week: Outline act 1, list rest of chapter & scenes
  • Tertiary: Flames of Knowledge – Outline Acts 3 
  • Stretch: Heart to Heart – Brainstorm


  • Primary: Flames of Knowledge – Chapter 28 – 13370/~15000 words
    • This Week: Get through Chapter 28 – Through Chapter 27/28
  • Side Projects – 3350 words – 4566/3350 words
    • This Week: Riley Fire – Edit, Hawk – add 1000 words
  • Jonas & Isaac – 15 pages – 19.67/15 pages
    • This week: 3/0 pages
  • By the Gun – 6 scenes


  • Primary: Flames of Renewal – Beta edits(I wasn’t sure if I’d get these back before the end of the month, so I hadn’t initially included it. But I did) 
    • This Week:
      • Edit through Chapter 12– Through Chapter 0/24
      • Get Cover art – emailed cover designer Tuesday night.
  • Primary2: Stained Blood – Beta edits
  • Secondary: Short Story Collection
    • Bree & Jenny
    • Goin’ Down
    • Meeting Jonas*
    • Changing History
  • Tertiary: Paint Me a Picture – Transfer to Scrivener
  • Stretch: Law of Choice – send to CP 


  • Read: 20 books – 24/20
    • Fearless(R.G. Alexander) – Started this Sunday afternoon. Finished it Sunday night.
    • Taking Flight(Siera Maley) – Started this Sunday night. Finished it Monday evening.
    • A Girl Like Her(Talia Hibbert) – Started this Monday night. Finished it Tuesday afternoon.
    • Taking Chances(Kris Jett) – Started this Tuesday evening. Finished it Tuesday night.
    • Defenseless(Elizabeth Dyer) – Started this Tuesday night. At 12%
  • Listen: 5 books – 22/5 books
    • Trace of Fever(Lori Foster) – Started this Friday morning. Finished it Sunday afternoon.
    • Savor the Danger(Lori Foster) – Started this Sunday afternoon. Finished it Tuesday morning.
    • A Perfect Storm(Lori Foster) – Started this Tuesday morning. On Chapter 34/43

Social Media

  • Primary: Post 5 regular weekly posts – 21/21
    • This week:
      • Writing Wednesday
  • Secondary: Post 31 stories for Story a Day – 30/31
  • Tertiary: Make 3 Patreon posts3/3
    • This week: Post: Bonus Story – Riley Fire


  • Knit: Dunfallandy Baby Blanket
    • This Week – Finish Side 4 – 4/56 rows. I couldn’t even make myself work with yarn yesterday. It was too hot.
  • Crochet: Boxy Blanket

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Hanging In" (4)

  1. Ha! I love this so much. Good thing that chair was there. 🙂

  2. Emily Wrayburn said:

    Good luck with the washer, I hope it gets fixed soon.

    This WIPpet is adorable. He’s so awkward and I want to give him a hug. ^_^

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