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Today’s Story a Day prompt was to write about your character waking up in a space they don’t recognize. It doesn’t take Jonas too long to figure out where he is, though it isn’t a place he wanted to find himself again. This leads in to a Stream of Consciousness post I did earlier in the year.


Jonas groaned and turned his head to the side where he could hear some sort of beeping noises. It sounded too damn familiar, though he hadn’t heard it for months. It had been months, hadn’t it?
Maybe it had all been some fucked up dream, and he was still in the army hospital.
“You little asshole. I know you’re awake.”
It must have been a dream. Because those were the same words he’d heard when he thought he’d first woken up. Still, he muttered, “You’ve said that before, Toby.”
“Yeah, and I actually mean it today. I’m really tired of you scaring the shit out of us and making us think we’re going to lose you.”
Jonas wasn’t quite sure what his brother was talking about. What had he done this time? “I didn’t make the helicopter crash.”
Toby barked out a short laugh, and Jonas forced his eyes open finally. This was definitely a hospital room. But, it didn’t look like the one he had first woken up in. Not that he could see all of it, not clearly at least. So the partial loss of vision hadn’t been part of the dream. Damn. His brother was in his field of vision, though.
Even with that laugh, his brother did not look amused. “I’m not talking about what happened more than six months ago.” So none of it had been a dream then. “I’m talking about your boyfriend calling me in tears because he couldn’t wake you up. I’m talking about Isaac saying there was an empty pill bottle next to you, and I didn’t have a clue how many you’d even taken. I’m fucking talking about being scared they wouldn’t get you here in time to save your life.”
Jonas just stared at his brother. He still didn’t know what his brother was talking about. He remembered Isaac’s father attacking them. And his brother being there when he woke up on the couch, taking him back through everything that had happened for the police report. He remembered Toby handing him one of his pain pills, even though Jonas had refused to take any for several days before that.
And then…fuzziness. Had he taken more pills? He really couldn’t remember.
“What has gotten into you?” Toby asked when Jonas didn’t say anything. “Don’t you realize how much you’d be missed? How much it would hurt all of us, especially Mama. Why would you do this?”
“I didn’t…I wasn’t trying to do anything. I know you gave me a pill. Then, I crashed out. And I don’t remember anything that happened after that. Jeez, Toby, I’ve been trying not to take them just so this wouldn’t happen.”
“Since when?” Toby asked harshly.
“Saturday. I realized I was taking too many, and I didn’t want it to get worse.”
Toby let out a curse in Spanish before turning back to Jonas. “I can’t believe you. I used to think you were pretty damn smart, but right now you’re certainly proving me wrong.”
He flinched at his brother’s words. He didn’t know why Toby ever would have thought that. “So far you aren’t telling me anything I didn’t know.”
Toby let out a growl and paced over to the door. Jonas closed his eyes, wishing his brother would just leave. Maybe everyone should just leave him alone.

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