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Today’s Story a day prompt was to tell a story “direct to camera”. I probably didn’t do it exactly right. But, I did have Jonas telling his brother about the attack by Isaac’s father.


“I was sitting on the couch with Isaac. Get that smirk off your face, Toby. You said you wanted to know what happened here earlier today. “I’m trying to tell you.”
He waved his hand at me to continue.
“Like I said, we were on the couch, and there was a knock on the door. I was going to get it, but I didn’t have my leg on. So, Isaac got up. I didn’t know what was going on, so I tried to get up. Then, Isaac fell back into the living room. His father was right there. Isaac told him he couldn’t be here, that he needed to leave before the police showed up. Of course, he refused. And he hit Isaac. I couldn’t get over to him.” I held up my hand. “Don’t interrupt me, Toby. Please.”
He nodded, and I drew in a deep breath to continue.
“I told him he had to leave, but of course he didn’t listen, either. That’s when I called you. He saw that and knocked the phone from my hand. I just hoped you were still able to listen. He hit me in the face, kicked my bad leg. The rest is kind of blurry. But, Isaac told him to hurt him instead. That he was used to it. He stepped on my chest. Not Isaac. His father.”
Yeah,” Toby said slowly, “I figured that.”
Of course. My brain was feeling fuzzy, though. Stupid pain pills. Which was why I needed to get the rest out before I was completely useless. “Isaac kept asking him to stop hurting me. And asked him what he wanted. He said for Isaac to pay. He still blames him for being in prison.”
“That’s his own damn fault.”
“I told him that and managed to get him off my chest. Isaac threw something at him. I was trying to pull myself to my feet…foot. I told him to run. I just wanted him to get away from his father. The next thing I know was the officers coming in to check on me. Then you and Isaac and the paramedics were there. And that’s all I know.”
“He didn’t say how he planned to make Isaac pay.”
“No. I don’t think. Probably killing him. He can’t control Isaac, so what else would he want?”
“All right. I don’t have any other questions right now, then. Go get some sleep. I know where you live if I need more information.”
Ha, my older brother thought he was so funny. “Go be a cop. I’m going to sleep now.”

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