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Jonas felt hollow inside. He’d failed Isaac today. Isaac’s father had attacked, and Jonas hadn’t been able to do anything to stop him.

He didn’t know why Isaac would even bother with him anymore. He wasn’t any good for anything. He wouldn’t blame Isaac if he just stayed away.

This shouldn’t be happening. Isaac shouldn’t be worried about his father coming after him. Jonas should still be out there helping wounded soldiers off the battlefield. None of this was supposed to be happening. This wasn’t the way he’d seen his life going.

And he was tired of it. So tired of it all.

There were too many spiraling thoughts in his head. He just wanted to empty it all out. Maybe if he could actually get some sleep, that would happen.


Today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt was to use either empty/hollow or both. This one is a little depressing. But, this is close to where I am in Jonas & Isaac’s story and is leading up to where I can add in an earlier part I wrote.

Comments on: "Stream of Consciousness Saturday – “Empty/Hollow”" (3)

  1. Nice and hollow, to coin a phrase. Are you writing this just for SoC as a rolling story? I started this today after much procrastinating and figured I could use it for backstory to a project I’m considering.

    • This is part of a story that I’ve been writing in one of my series. This comes shortly after where I have written up to in the notebook

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