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Today’s Story a Day prompt was to write a story in 14 sentences. I’m visiting with Carolyne and Maeve again for this one. If they’re strangers to you, you can visit with them in Flower Shop, Maeve, and The Ugly Duckling.


Carolyne walked toward the diner, sure she had made a huge mistake. She never should have called that number. What did she even think would come of this?
But, she was going anyway; she just couldn’t seem to stop herself.
Carolyne pushed into the diner and glanced around. She knew just about everyone in here, but it took her a long moment to find the person she was looking for.
Maeve lifted a hand and waved at her. Carolyne took a deep breath and headed over to her. The other woman was grinning, and it had a smile curving Carolyne’s own lips. The nervousness slowly drained away.
Maeve stood when Carolyne reached the table. Carolyne thought she’d shake her hand, but instead Maeve hugged her. “I’m so glad you finally called me.”
And just now, Carolyne was glad she had, too.

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