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For Day 4 of Story a Day, we have a time-limit prompt.

Set A Timer For 40 Minutes, Write A Story
Spend 10 minutes brainstorming and starting the story, 20 minutes complicating your character’s life, and the final 10 minutes reviewing what you’ve written, making notes and writing an ending.

And to get my idea, I used a prompt I found on Pinterest:

This happens among my Kurztown series, though before today I had no idea these two characters existed. I’ll need to figure out where their story fits into it.


Carolyne Grier moved around behind the counter, checking the inventory of flowers in the cooler once again. Not like she actually thought someone would have broken into a flower shop of all places and stolen her precious flowers. She laughed a little to herself at that thought.
No, all the flowers were still there. Now if only someone would come in and buy some of them. There had been a few orders the day before. Just like the day before that and the one that came before it. There weren’t too many people who’d stop in for flowers in a small town like Kurztown. Apologies for fights, weddings, funerals, prom, but that wasn’t for several more months.
Still, Carolyne did love her flowers.
The bells on the door rang, and she looked up, pasting her salesperson’s smile on her face. “Good morning,” she said brightly. “Welcome to Bloomtastic. What can I do for you today?”
The woman leaned against the counter, nearly panting, as if she’d run all the way here. But, that was unlikely as there was a good foot of snow outside. Now, that Carolyne looked closer, that was anger in the woman’s bright green eyes. And she was pretty sure it was also what was causing her quick breathing.
“How do I passive-aggressively say fuck you in flower?”
Carolyne stared at the woman for a moment then broke into a grin. “Are you serious?”
“Completely,” the woman said with a quick nod. “I just got back from a business trip to find out my credit card, that I left at home, was maxed out. Then, get to my house and find it wrecked by my oh so thoughtful boyfriend…sorry, ex-boyfriend now. And he’s in bed with my ex-best friend, that one happened years ago, but it still hurt.”
Carolyne winced. She’d never been in love…with a man anyway. But, she could imagine. “You want geraniums,” she said. “That’ll make the base of your bouquet. That’s for his stupidity, which seems to be the base of his flaws as well. Then, we’ll add in foxglove, for his insincerity in his affections. Next, some meadowsweet, since he’s obviously useless.”
She watched as the scowl fell from the woman’s face. Carolyne recognized her now. Maeve Lieser. She’d graduated a couple years ahead of Carolyne, and had been Caro’s first crush. She brushed off all that now and reached for the yellow carnations. “Since he’s a disappointment to you and probably the rest of society. And finally orange lilies, to show your absolute hatred for such a pathetic man.”
The anger had slowly drained out of Maeve’s eyes as Carolyne had continued. And she laughed now as Carolyne pushed the bouquet across the counter to her. “That’s almost too pretty to send to him.”
Carolyne knew she was right. The red of the geraniums, and the light purple of foxglove, mixed in with the yellow and orange of the other flowers, it was quite striking. As striking as Maeve with the way she smiled now. If only she could actually say that to the other woman.
“How much do I owe you for this?”
Carolyne shook her head. “Putting up with a man like that, and one who treated you poorly, is payment enough.”
But, Maeve still took something out of her wallet. It was a business card. “Call me sometime, then,” she said, “and I’ll buy you dinner. You can tell me more about the meanings of flowers.”
Her smile was even wider now as she pressed the card into Carolyne’s hand. And Carolyne’s skin tingled at the simple touch. She could only stare at her as Maeve took the bouquet and headed back out of the shop.
She actually wants to get dinner with me? Like a date?
Carolyne shook her head. No, of course not. It was just to pay her back for the bouquet. Of course it was. Carolyne wouldn’t think any more about it. And she wouldn’t bother making that call, either.
There was no point to it.

Comments on: "Fiction Friday/Story a Day: Day 4 – “Flower Shop”" (6)

  1. I love the whole thing, beginning to end…except I have this strange feeling that Carolyne is very, very wrong! =D

    • I’m glad you liked it. And you know me well. She is indeed wrong, and she’ll have to figure that out. I can’t wait(now to just figure out where this fits into the story).

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