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WeWriWa: “Hold Still”

Welcome back to another visit with the Weekend Writing Warriors, the blog hop for anyone who likes to write. I fell a little behind on my writing goals this week. We had a showing on our house on Thursday, so most of that day was spent cleaning. But, the good news is they’re really interested. So hopefully we’ll be hearing something soon. And I’m working on catching up on the writing this weekend. And now, here’s the next bit of Hawk’s story. This picks right up after last week’s.

“Then, you’re going to have to hold still while Medusa does it. You think that will be much better?”

“Yes.” She at least wouldn’t ask invasive questions. She already knew the answers to most of them, so it wouldn’t matter. I’d lied to too many doctors over the years to be comfortable around them. I tripped; No, my father didn’t hit me; I’m just clumsy, really. I doubted they’d ever believed me, but they had still sent me home with my father.

A smile cracked Wraith’s face. “You might be the only one who thinks that.”

Will they talk him into going to the hospital instead? Is he going to be okay? I’ll have more next weekend.

Comments on: "WeWriWa: “Hold Still”" (17)

  1. Poor kid. He doesn’t realize that professionals in both medicine and the schools are trained to take allegations of abuse very seriously. Thirty years ago, maybe not, but now? Yes.

  2. This is my first visit to your snippets, Fallon – that sounds really interesting!

  3. I love all the insights into his character that we’re getting here (although i’m sorry he’s had such a rough life) – I get really invested in your people! Great snippet…

  4. Sad tale. Hopefully, help is on the way. A better life may be in store.

  5. No wonder Hawk has such major trust issues. Great insights into his past life.

  6. So sad, I can understand why he doesn’t want to visit the hospital, I suspect he’ll stick with Medusa!

  7. He has such a sad backstory.

  8. His reasons definitely make sense. Hope he gets fixed up one way or another! Best of luck with the house.

    • They might not be quite rational, as no one can make him go back home with his abusive father any longer. But, the thoughts are still in there.

  9. Diane Burton said:

    “I tripped/fell” should be automatic signs of abuse. Poor kid. Good luck on the house selling. Always a pain to keep everything in order and the place clean.

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