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“You can’t be here,” Jonas said, wrapping his fingers around his phone and bringing it closer to him. Who should he call, though? He didn’t want to bring his mom or sister here if this man meant danger for any of them.

“Yet I’m here,” Isaac’s father said with a sneer for Jonas. “Are you going to come over here and stop me.”

Yes, that was exactly what he wanted to do. But, he knew he couldn’t. From the gleam in the man’s eyes, he knew that, too. He didn’t want to take his gaze off him, afraid he’d strike again. But, he needed to do something. He dropped his gaze quickly and brought up recent calls. His brother’s wasn’t the first one on the list, but it was easy to find. He tapped on it to make the call then flicked his gaze up again.

“Your boyfriend obviously wants to get both of you killed.” Isaac’s father was already coming around the couch. Jonas could hear his brother’s voice through the phone, though. He knew he didn’t need to say anything. Toby would hear what was going on. He would come. Isaac’s father jerked the phone from Jonas’ hand and threw it across the room. Jonas didn’t see where it landed, but it didn’t matter.

“You shouldn’t have done that.” Jonas didn’t have a chance to answer before pain rushed through his face. . Another blow sent pain screaming up his leg. The room spun around him, and all he could grasp was Isaac calling his name.

“Why do you do this, Dad?” Isaac asked, as Jonas tried to cling to consciousness. “Why?”


Uh oh. I’ve known this moment would happen from the time I started the story(it’s one of the only parts I did know). Getting there I wasn’t so sure about. But, we’re there now. And I managed to work it into today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt of theming the post with a word starting with “y” and either starting or ending with “why”. I kind of cheated on the first part, but I started each paragraph with a y-word.

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