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Name: Mark Young

Age: 34 years old

Description: Mark is tall and muscular. He has blond hair, that he keeps buzzed short, and blue eyes. He has several tattoos, though they are mostly covered when he has his firefighter uniform on.

Short Bio: Mark is the second child, but oldest son, of Timothy and Monica Young. His sister, Maura, is less than two years older than him. His brother, is a little more than three years younger than him. The two boys never quite got along. Their father barely spent time with them, putting work ahead of everything else. Their mother tended to ignore them as well. Instead it was usually Maura who took care of them.

Mark met Deena Chase when he was in high school. They started dating and stayed together even after he joined the Marine Corps. He met Nolan Hunter there, as well as Erin Zernig. There were others, but those two were more than comrades-in-arms, they were good friends.

He proposed to Deena after his first enlistment term was up. She said yes, thinking it meant he’d be staying home. And was quite upset when he told her he’d re-enlisted. They started fighting every time they managed to talk and weren’t in a good place the next time he deployed. And one night, he and Erin did more than play pool together. He was ashamed of what he’d done, and yet it happened once more, after they lost another comrade and comforted each other.

When he got home, he came clean to Deena, hoping he’d be able to earn her forgiveness in time. She threw the engagement ring at him and would not speak to him. Finally, one of the times he called, her brother answered the phone and told him she was dead. Because of him.

Then, he was wounded in action, his leg shattered from an explosion that also took the life of Erin and others. He was discharged and after healing, he tried to move on with his life. His friend, Nolan, was up in Crystal Glen and suggested he come up there. He ended up joining the fire department there, where they worked together.


James stepped out of his car to find a crowd already gathered in the cemetery. He hadn’t expected to feel anything but sadness and anger while here. Yet seeing so many people who came out to help, filled him with even more.
Some of these people he didn’t even recognize. Adrian’s family probably. The first person he did recognize, Mark Young who used to work with Kayla, stood near a tree staring off at a small group raking away some small debris laying around the graves. Caitie stood in that group. She looked a little different out of her uniform. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail, and she wore a blue tank top with a pair of denim shorts.
He stopped near the tree. “Mark. You’re not on shift today?”
The man turned his head away from the group. “Nope. Tomorrow.” He had sunglasses pulled down over his eyes, so James couldn’t see them, but there was a tightness to the firefighter’s jaw. “Sorry about what happened here, Brooke. Some of the other guys plan to show up too if you need the help.”
Emotion nearly overwhelmed him. He should have known he didn’t only have to count on his own family. There was the fire family too. He’d always be a part of it even though he wasn’t actively fighting fires now. “Thanks, Mark. I appreciate it.”
“Whoever did this is the lowliest sort of scum. Desecrating graves. It’s despicable. I’d like to-”
“Might want to watch what threats you make, Young,” a voice said from behind them. “There’s lots of cops present here.”
James turned as Adrian walked toward them, an arm around Kayla’s waist. “Your whole family show up to help, Adrian?” he asked.
Kayla snorted. “This? I don’t think that’s even half of them.”
“You didn’t even meet Mom’s side yet,” Adrian said.
“There’s more?” she groaned.
He laughed and bent down to kiss her. “Don’t worry. It’s smaller.”
“Not saying much. You have thirteen freaking cousins.”
He chuckled. “You’re still stuck on that?”
“I don’t have any. Except,” she added, glancing over at James.
“It’s okay,” James said. “You didn’t know him.”
Mark stepped forward and stuck his hand out. “Riley.”
“Young,” Adrian responded in the same brisk tone, but he took his hand.

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