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Name: Scott Rowe

Age: 49 years old

Description: Scott is tall and muscular with reddish-brown hair and gray eyes.

Short Bio: Scott was adopted by Curtis and Lauren Rowe when he was younger than he can remember. They had also adopted Pamela around the same time, but the two would never have been mistaken for biological siblings. Her skin, darker than any of her family members’, would have made that mistake hard to make. But, they never thought of each other as anything but siblings.

When Pamela fell for a man who didn’t appreciate her, Scott tried to go to her defense. But, the man left, leaving Pamela pregnant. He did what he could to help her, as did their parents, and her son, Austin. But, there was only so much time between that, his own family, and his shifts with the fire department.

He married Marcy, and they had three children: Asher, Maureen, and Sawyer. He still stayed close with his sister and nephew, even after Pamela married Jai Melnik and he adopted Austin. Scott climbed the fire department ladder until he became lieutenant of the rescue squad. He’s been there quite a few years and very happy with it.


The other two men looked at her, their faces closed up. James took her hands in his. “Nothing we can say yet. I can’t handle this one.” He glanced at the two men then back to her. “Since we’re involved, I can’t be on it. I’m going to call Kayla. She’ll do the walk through and share her findings with me. I’d do it myself but Marshal Haig will take any reason to chew on me. I’m not going to give it to him.”
“Haig’s a prick,” one of the other men muttered. Teresa saw the name Wilson on the tag on his shirt.
James’ lips quirked. “That does seem to be the general consensus.” He must have seen the confusion in Teresa’s face. “He’s the marshal the state usually sends out. Let’s say we don’t see eye to eye on a hell of a lot of things.”
“Is he coming out for this?”
James shrugged. “Depends how much damage was done. If only a little, they won’t bother. I am going to call Adrian in.”
“Why?” the other man asked. “If the marshal doesn’t come out, there’s not much reason for the cops either.”
He nodded at Teresa. “She’s been having trouble recently. This could be connected. If it is, I want him on this.”
“Just because he’s with your niece,-”
“No. Because he’s a good cop. What’s your problem, Rowe?”
“Nothing. You’re right.”
James put a hand to Teresa’s shoulder. “I’m going to call Kayla and Adrian. I’ll be right back, okay?”

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