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Name: Avery Takoda

Age: 6 years old

Description: Avery is short and thin with straight black hair and brown eyes.

Short Bio: Avery is the daughter of Samantha Takoda, Teresa’s daughter. She didn’t know her grandmother for the first six years of her life, though. Her mother basically lived on the streets, when she wasn’t crashing with Joel Mathis, a man Avery had never felt comfortable around.

Her mother sent her to another woman’s house one night. She promised to come. But, she never did. Instead, a couple men in uniforms came to the woman’s door and started asking her questions. When she told them who Avery was, they took her away and eventually to her grandmother’s. She was afraid the older woman would leave her or send her away as well, no matter how many times she promised that wouldn’t happen.

Things started to change after they moved north to Crystal Glen, but she still wasn’t sure she could trust how good things seemed to be.


“I need to get going.” Teresa adjusted the purse on her shoulder and once again tried to pry the little girl off her leg.
“I don’t want you to go.” The whine behind the words nearly had a headache blooming behind her eyes. “You said you weren’t going to leave me.”
Teresa sighed. “I’m not leaving you, Avery. I’ll only be gone a few hours. You have to stay here until I get back.”
The girl’s bottom lip trembled. “That’s what Mommy said, too. She didn’t come back for me.”
There it was. The reason she’d barely left the house since they moved back to Crystal Glen, and not without the girl in tow. She knelt down to the girl’s level. “Nothing is going to happen to me. I promise you. I have to go though.” She chanced a glance at her watch as she reached around to hug the girl. No way would she make it on time now. “If I don’t go, they might not going to let me keep you. Chris will stay with you. You know Grandma Caridi always has fun stuff for you to do. It will be okay.”
“Your grandma’s right,” another woman said, stepping into the hallway. “I got lots of fun crafts to do. Why don’t you come into the kitchen with me?”
The girl hesitated still then she nodded and slipped her hand into the other woman’s. Teresa let out a breath. “Thanks, Mom. I should only be a few hours.”
“We’ll be fine. You’ll get back when you get back.”

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