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This is another one I had to use a letter within the name.

Name: Callum Riley

Age: 30 years old

Description: Callum is tall and skinny, with dark brown hair and sharp green eyes.

Short Bio: Callum is the third son born to Donovan and Chrissa Riley. He is about a year and a half younger than Adrian and three years older than Darcie. He didn’t always get along with his siblings, but had a rather normal childhood until he was thirteen, when his little sister died in a house fire.

He hadn’t even realized what was going on until Adrian woke him up. He never even thought of Doreen until after he was outside. He could bear the weight of that guilt, so instead he shoved it all onto Adrian’s shoulders. Even that didn’t make him feel any better. He started sneaking out of his grandparents’ house, where they were staying until they could find a new house, and drinking. Which led to taking drugs, anything that would numb him to what his family had lost.

He spent a lot of years lost in that haze. And he ended up estranged from his family because of it. He found himself falling in with Tobin Fahey, who imagined himself a bit of a crime lord, though he wasn’t much more than a petty criminal himself. Callum never fully initiated into Tobin’s “gang”, but the man used him for his own ends. Something Callum didn’t really understand until he met and fell in love with Megan Luzat.

She tried to get him clean. And he did make the attempt for her. But, it wasn’t easy, and he failed more than once. Still, he thought she would stick by his side. Then, he was arrested and got a letter from her that basically said she wished she could erase him from her memories(She has reasons beyond what’s here, that he’ll learn later on).

He got out of prison after a couple years and has been trying to make things right. Things are still tense with Adrian, who was the one who’d arrested him. But, they are slowly mending.


He turned from the freezer as Adrian stepped into the kitchen and nearly laughed. He’d been wondering how much deeper he could get the man to dig into what had happened. Maybe he wouldn’t shove his foot right down his throat again. He’d dismissed it. But, now he was here. “What are you doing here?”
“Kayla said you were off today. I had a late shift, so I’m off for the rest of the day. Got a couple hours sleep, but didn’t feel like spending the rest of it cooped up in the apartment.”
“You’re not going to go spend it with your family?”
He shifted his shoulders as if uncomfortable. “Callum’s there.”
“Things were going better with him, weren’t they? He’s done with rehab, right?”
“Yeah. He spent a few months in a halfway house. All of his tests have been clean. He has a job working for David in the maintenance department up at his office. He’s living with Mom and Dad until he can get his own place. I just…it’s still tense between the two of us.”
“You’re not going to resolve that by hanging out with an old man instead of your brother.”

We really only see a few glimpses of Callum in this one. He’ll play a bigger role in book 3, then there’s his own story in book 4.

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