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I’m still working on editing Hang On, so this week I’m sharing another new scene that I’ve added to the story. This part takes place about a year after the beginning of the scene(which I’m turning into a prologue for the real story). This is in Aidan’s POV.


I pulled the truck into the driveway, surprised not to see Ian’s car there waiting. He’d planned to stay home today, work on his new picture book idea. His first one was going to be released in just a couple months. He didn’t know it, but I’d already pre-ordered enough to give to everyone we knew.
Maybe his mom had called and needed something. Of course, he would drop anything to go help her or his father. That was the kind of guy Ian was. He’d drop anything for my parents or siblings, too. It was only one of the many reasons I loved that man.
I slung my tool belt over my shoulder and took it into the house with me. I might mostly just work up the plans these days, but I wasn’t above getting my hands dirty with the rest of the crew as well. In fact, I enjoyed doing it.
But, right now about all I wanted to enjoy was a shower and a beer. And maybe Ian’s hands all over me. Yes, I would definitely enjoy that as well. If only I knew where the hell he was.
I tried the door only to find it locked. Of course, it was if he wasn’t here. I’d hoped maybe he’d just loaned his car out or maybe he’d taken it to the garage. He kept meaning to do that. But, no, he must actually not be here.
Hopefully he’d be back soon. I may have just seen him this morning, but that didn’t mean I didn’t miss him. And anyway, I had something important to ask him. I couldn’t do that during one of our short phone conversations during the day.
I’d hoped to be home sooner, but I knew we weren’t going to have many more nice days before the weather turned to finish this job, so we’d used every moment of light we could get from the day.
I dropped the belt on the table, even knowing Ian would get after me about that when he got home. Smiling to myself a little, I headed through the kitchen. That might have been exactly why I’d done it. I don’t know why, but him lecturing me seemed to flip all my switches. I was odd, I knew that.
Maybe he’d get home while I was in the shower and come in to join me just for that lecture. Lost a bit in that fantasy, I almost didn’t notice the slip of paper sitting on the counter. Ian must have left a note letting me know he wouldn’t be here. I’d already figured that out, so I just kept walking to the bathroom, stripping as I went.
I was sure Ian would get the hint when he got back.
But, he never joined me in the shower. I stepped out of it and grabbed the towel off the rack, drying off before wrapping it around my waist. Disappointment weighed on me as I padded out of the bathroom and down the hall to our bedroom. The house was still silent. Where was Ian?
Disappointment started to shift toward worry. Even if Ian had gone to help his parents with something, he should have been back by now. Once I was dressed, I’d give him a call and see where the hell he was. I dragged on a pair of sweats and a t-shirt then headed back toward the kitchen, checking my phone as I walked. No voice mails or texts from Ian either. I almost felt an itch along my shoulder blades. I ignored it. I didn’t get premonitions. Everything was fine.
I was removing the top from the bottle of beer when I saw the slip of paper on the counter again. I strode over and snapped it up. Ian would usually just text me, not leave an actual note. Why did he this time? I glanced down at the note as I took the first sip of beer. Then spit it back out as the words sank in.
Went climbing. See you tonight. Love you.
That was it. Not even signing his name. I glanced out the window. Sure it had been a decent day, but it had been cooling off with a wind picking up as evening came on. And it was getting dark earlier. Why would Ian have gone climbing on his own.
It didn’t make any sense.
I set the beer bottle down and grabbed my shoes. We didn’t climb alone. Ian knew that. If he had gone out there, I’d make sure he stayed safe.

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