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Name: Giovanni “Gio” Magaldi

Age: 23, almost 24 years old

Description: Gio is somewhat tall, with a lithe body. He has strawberry blond hair, long enough to pull back into a tail and blue eyes.

Short Bio: Gio is the youngest of Dougal and Shaelyn Magaldi’s four children. He has two older brothers, Cormac and Brann, and an older sister, Caitie. The three of them all followed in their mother’s footsteps, to become cops. Gio only ever really wanted to work with his father in the family pub.

He always knew he wasn’t quite like his brothers. He always related more to his sister. Despite their very Catholic upbringing, he never felt a lot of shame for how he was. He just never had a name for what he felt for a long time. Gio didn’t think he was a girl, though some days he felt more like that than fully like a boy. He was in his twenties before he found the term genderfluid and knew it fit him. But, he kept that to himself, not sure how his family would take it.

He was not so cautious about the rest of his identity, that he was attracted to all genders. His parents accepted this pretty well, as did Brann and Caitie. They also accepted his preference to be called by the shortened version of his name. Cormac was the only one in their immediate family who took issue with any of it. This would actually become a trend in their relationship.

Gio went to college for a business degree then started working beside his father in the pub. He was pretty happy with his life, though he wished he could truly be who he was without hiding any of it. He hoped one day he could be.


“But, I don’t want to go out there.”

Caitie laughed and shoved his shoulder. Gio let himself stagger, not that she wasn’t strong enough to make him do it, if she’d put any effort into the shove. Caitie might be small, but she was strong. “Now, you sound like one of Cormac’s brats.”

Even he could hear the affection in her voice, despite the harsh term she gave them. “Come on, Caitie. You know all of our elderly brother’s children are perfectly well-behaved.”

She laughed even harder at that. “I’m not sure which is funnier, Gio. You calling someone only eight years older than you ‘elderly’ or that his children are perfectly behaved.”

The truth was, all four children, ranging from seven down to three, were actually pretty well behaved. Most of the time. But, Gio doubted anyone was ever perfect enough for the saintly Cormac.

Certainly not Gio. He tried not to be bitter about it, but it was hard when he knew the things his oldest brother thought about him. Had heard him say when Gio had dared to bring a boyfriend to a family gathering. Sometimes it seemed easier just to stay single than submit someone he cared about to that.

His other brother and Caitie were both accepting of him and anyone he was in a relationship with. As were their parents. But, Cormac always made him dread these things.

Caitie put an arm around him as if reading his thoughts.  “Come on. I’ll protect you like a good big sister.”

He laughed but stepped away from her. “Too bad you’ve been half a foot shorter than me for several years now.”

She didn’t leave him alone, though. “Come on. Adrian really wants to introduce Kayla to all of us. I think you’ll like her. I do.”

That was enough for him. Sure, Caitie liked pretty much everyone. But, she was also one of the best judges of character he’d ever known. So if she thought their cousin’s new girlfriend was a decent sort, he’d put good money on her being right.

*Note: this is another scene that happens off the page. Though I do mention Adrian taking Kayla to meet his extended family.

Comments on: "A to Z Challenge – G is for Gio Magaldi" (3)

  1. Great set of characters so far. Look forward to more next week.

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