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Bunny! Bunny!”

Jonas glanced over as the little form raced toward him. He couldn’t help but smile. “Did the Easter bunny come to your house this morning, Cat?” he asked his niece.

She nodded and thrust something toward him. He took the stuffed dog with bunny ears and grinned. “A bunny dog, huh? That’s just about perfect.” He handed her the stuffed animal back and looked up at the steps coming toward them. He grinned at his sister-in-law.

“Looks like the Easter bunny left you something, too,” he said.

Denise laughed and set a hand on her very swollen stomach. “Not quite yet. Still another month left, though I don’t see how that’s possible.”

Catarina clambered up onto the couch beside him and pressed a kiss just below his knee as she did every time she saw him. “Thanks, Cat. Feels better already,” he said as he did each time. Then, the girl was off the couch and running off to see someone else and show them what the Easter bunny had brought her.

“Isaac was pulling in just behind us,” Denise told him. “He should be in here soon.”

Good. Isaac had been so busy with classes the last week, Jonas had barely seen his boyfriend. Then, he was right there, a bunch of lilies in his hand. “Flowers?” Jonas asked. “For me?”

“Nope,” Isaac said after a long kiss. “Brought these for your mom. Just couldn’t wait for this.”

Good because Jonas had been doing enough waiting. He grabbed the cane beside the couch and levered himself up to his feet. Walking on the prosthetic was getting easier at least. Isaac stepped in right beside him, and they walked toward the kitchen together.


This week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt was to use bun either as part of a word or as a word on its own. Since it is Easter weekend, I figured a little piece of these characters during Easter worked well. I hope everyone that celebrates has a good Easter.

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  1. Very nice – good job!

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