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It’s time for another A-Z Challenge. Well, not quite. But it is time to reveal this year’s theme.

I’ve done fire and snapshots of characters from my various series. And last year I did a serial for my Riders of Justice series. So, this year I had to come up with something different. Not completely different, but a little bit of a shift.

So, without further ado…


This year’s theme is Renewing the Flame. I’ll be posting about a different character in my Flames series each day. Most of them appear in Flames of Renewal, the next book in my Flames series, which I’m hoping to have out at or just after the end of April. Some don’t have much of a part in that book, though I might write something up that happens off the page during that time.

For each post, I’ll have their name, age, description and a short bio. As well as a snippet they are in(or as I said, something I write up that happens off the page).

And by the end of the month, hopefully, it’ll be ready to release.

Comments on: "A to Z Challenge – Theme Reveal" (5)

  1. Good luck with the book release and getting all the posts done as well. Hope it all goes well.
    Tasha’s Theme Reveal

  2. Great way to explore your characters

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