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It was too cold to be running for my life. I never should have come up here. Why had I paid any attention to that postcard. It had creeped me out the first time I read it. I should have just ripped it up and tossed it in the trash.

Or shown it to Aidan. Maybe he would have known what to do about it. I’d tried to protect him, and look where it had gotten me.

Huddled in this little cave, if you could even call it that, listening to that man crash around up above me. A shiver  shook me, and I wrapped my arms tighter around my knees, trying to hold onto any heat I could.

I didn’t even know where I would go if I tried to run. I knew this area really well, Aidan and I were always hiking the various trails. But, I’d never seen this cave before. Not until I’d fallen over that edge.

Maybe he thought I was dead. I just had to wait for him to leave. Then, I could climb back up and go home to Aidan. Right now, that was really all I wanted.

“You’d better be dead,” came the shout from above me. “He needs to suffer for what he’s done.”

My teeth wouldn’t stop chattering. Now I wasn’t sure if it was from the cold or the dread that swept over me. I still didn’t understand his beef with Aidan, a man who had never hurt anyone. I hadn’t been able to convince that man of that before he gave me that final shove.

“If I see you anywhere near him again, I’ll kill the both of you.” The snapping of branches then, “You have to be dead.”

I shook so hard I thought the ground was breaking apart under me. I couldn’t go home. I might not know where I could run, but I would never put Aidan in that kind of danger. I had to figure something out.

I just wished I could go home.


I’ve written a few pieces about Ian(the 1st person narrator here) and Aidan. Planning on gathering them all together and include them in a collection of my short stories. This may be part of it.

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