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“I hope you have a good tale for that tail sticking out of your shirt,” Eamonn said as Desmund came into the room.

The other man didn’t say a word as he turned back to close the door. Still Eamonn put his pen back near the inkwell and leaned back in the chair, waiting. He’d gone on thinking Desmund was dead for too many months. He could have patience with the man right here with him now.

Desmund hissed as he started to turn back to Eamonn. Or was that whatever was in his shirt? “Should I be jealous?” Eamonn asked quietly then lowered his voice even more. “That something is closer to you than I am.” They always had to speak quietly here. The walls were too thin.

One corner of Desmund’s mouth lifted into a smile. “At least you never dig your claws into me this way. Ouch! Will you stop that?” he demanded of the wriggling lump under his shirt.

Eamonn laughed and moved over to him, slipping free some of the buttons of his shirt. Suddenly a ball of white and gray fur fell into his hands and let out a sharp “mew”. Eamonn cradled the kitten in the palm of his hand, scratching his fingers over the top of its head. When he ran his hand over the kitten’s body, he could feel every bump of its ribs. “Where did you find him?” Her? He hadn’t even checked.

“Crying in the alley. Couldn’t just leave her there all alone.”

Of course he couldn’t. Desmund had such a soft spot for any animal in need. He was always feeding strays behind the inn. But, the innkeeper never let them keep any of them. “How did you get her past Mal? Wasn’t he downstairs?”

“Why do you think she was in me shirt? We can keep her, right?”

Like he was ever able to say no when Desmund looked at him like that.


Today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt was to use tail/tale, one or both, any way we want. I had several half-formed ideas by the time I got up this morning, but this is the only one that stuck and formed into more. If it does make it into the book, it’ll be somewhere in the second half of book 2 of my Green Hills & Smoky Fields series, which I’m still plotting.

Comments on: "Stream of Consciousness Saturday: “Tail/Tale”" (2)

  1. Yay for Desmund! I like how your described the appearance of the kitten.

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