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“In other words, you hate us simply for where we were born.”

Thom sneered at Eamonn. “That is not the only reason.”

“It does seem as it’s the biggest one, though. And it is not as if ye are the first one with that opinion. If not for it, me brother and I would still be to home, our parents still alive, and our farm not burned to the ground.” Eamonn had to take a deep breath. “Little more than a sea separates where we were born-”

“More than that separates us,” Thom said as Desmund moved past Eamonn, just brushed a hand over his elbow. Eamonn didn’t think Thom had missed the gesture, though. “It doesn’t matter how pretty you try to talk, you’ll never rise above what you are.”

Eamonn had held his temper these last weeks. But, they were off the ship now. They didn’t have to worry about stumbling into each other. And now Eamonn felt like he was going to explode with that contained anger. But, they still stood on the docks, and he knew it was not safe to let it all go.

Safe was something he and Desmund might never be.


This week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt was to work “in other words” into the post somewhere. I had a couple things pop into my head for the one. I could have taken it anywhere with any of them. But, this is from the story I’m currently plotting, Book 2 of my Green Hills & Smoky Fields series. I finished Book 1 last month and getting into the thick of plotting book 2. Which I won’t be writing until probably May(Flames of Knowledge is slated for April, so it just depends on if I finish it in one month).

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