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Sunday Summary: Moving

Well, not yet. But, we’ve been talking about trying to find a house in town to move into. We found one we like. The bedrooms are smaller than what we have now,  but there are four of them. We only need 3. So, we could turn the fourth into an office/play room. Now, we just have to sell the house we’re in now. So, we’re in the process of getting it cleaned up so the real estate agent(who happens to be a cousin of my husband’s) can come out and take pictures and get it listed. I’m really hoping we can get it sold. Being in town would be so much more convenient. I don’t drive(even riding in a car makes me anxious because my brain is an asshole), and where we are, there isn’t any place we can walk. In town, I can walk to the grocery store, the post office, take the kids to the park and the library, and go to the gym. So, fingers crossed, sometime in the next months, we’ll be moving.

Even with that, I’ve been making progress this week. Not quite as much as I was, but I’ve already met most of my monthly goals, so I’ve been a little relaxed with that.

Color Code:

Monthly Goal Met/Finished

Weekly Goal Met

Progress Made

Nothing Done

Set Aside


  • Primary: Flames of Knowledge – Back Stories 
  • Secondary: Flames of Knowledge – Plot Summaries
  • Tertiary: Flames of Knowledge – Story Toolkit 
  • Stretch: Flames of Knowledge – Outline: Act 1 
  • Stretch2: Green Hills & Smoky Fields1 – Outline: Act 4 
  • Stretch3: Green Hills & Smoky Fields2 – Brainstorm 
  • Stretch4: Green Hills & Smoky Fields2 – Character back stories(for 2 characters, carrying over other 4 from first book) – Finished Desmund’s back story(4 pages) & Thom’s(1 page)


  • Primary: Green Hills & Smoky Fields – 1st draft – 17604/~25000 words,
    • Distance started to grow between them and the shore. Bridgette’s chest clutched, and she wished she was still on that land. A man standing down the railing drew her attention. Sun glistening off his hair, making it appear nearly gold. And she thought those were tears shimmering on his cheeks. But, he turned away before she could be sure. His body jerked as he moved, and she realized it was a heavy limp causing that motion not the slight rocking as the ship found its way out of the harbor.
      • Bridgette may not know who this is, but if Torin had turned his head, he would have recognized him. 😉
  • Secondary: Side Projects – 5000 words – 4980/5000 words, 1007 this week
    • Patrick & Sarah – 477/500 words
    • Tavin & Haiwee – 487/500 words
    • Roman – 490/500 words
    • Dougal & Shae – 495/500 words
    • Jacob & Matthew – 509/500 words
    • Mike & Fadil – 493/500 words
    • Hawk – 525/500 words
    • Sean & Braeden – 475/500 words
    • Melanie & Garren – 533/500 words
    • Desmund – 480/500 words
  • Tertiary: Jonas & Isaac – 15 pages – 15/15 pages
  • Stretch: By the Gun – 2500 words(will work on this when I finish Primary goal) – 2502/2500 words, 1758 this week
    • She ground her teeth at the name. She hated it, absolutely hated it. Her father had called her his Rosie, and it felt like a whip strike to hear it from this man’s mouth. Nothing she did would get him to stop, though. In fact, she thought he used it as a way to torment her. And it worked.


  • Primary: Flames of Renewal – CP edits once I get it back
  • Secondary: Stained Blood – Beta edits as they come in
  • Tertiary: Protecting the Heart – Transfer to Scrivener – 9/9 chapters
  • Stretch: Melanie & Garren – revise & post to Patreon


  • Primary: Read 20 books – 23/20

    • Into the Black(Ava Jae) – Started this Sunday morning. Finished it Tuesday afternoon. LOVED it. Cannot wait for the final book in the trilogy to come out.
    • Burn for Me(J.H. Croix) – Started this Tuesday afternoon. At 28%. Not all that invested in this one, so I ended up setting it aside.
    • Beyond Jealousy(Kit Rocha) – Started this Wednesday morning. Finished it Friday night. Loved it.
    • Every Little Kiss(Marina Adair) – Started this Thursday morning. Finished it Thursday afternoon. Loved it.
    • The Darkest Sunrise(Aly Martinez) – Started this Friday morning. Finished it Friday afternoon. Really enjoyed it!
    • Rewired(S.R. Johannes) – Started this Friday night. Finished it Saturday night. Enjoyed it.
    • Coming Home(Kris Jett) – Started this Saturday morning. Finished it Saturday afternoon. Liked it.
    • Grin and Beard It(Penny Reid) – Starting this one Sunday.
  • Secondary: Listen 5 books – 7/5
    • A Gathering of Shadows(V.E. Schwab) – Started this last Tuesday morning. On Chapter 26/60
    • Lion in the Valley(Elizabeth Peters) – Started this Monday morning. On Chapter 3/14
    • Beyond Temptation(Kit Rocha) – Started this Saturday morning. On Chapter 6/12

Social Media:

  • Primary: Just Jot It January – 26/31 posts
    • Silence – Connor having dinner with Ames’ family
    • Liberty – A look into Connor and Ames’ future, partially inspired by Eden’s comment on my SOCS post. 😉
    • Color – A bit with Connor painting.
    • Prediction – A bit with Connor and his brothers. Bantering ensues.
    • Address – Talking Callum down before his wedding.
    • Movement – A bit with Ames at Callum’s wedding reception.
  • Secondary: Post 5 regular weekly posts – 19/21 posts
  • Tertiary: Post to Patreon 2x0/2 posts


  • Knit: Honeycomb Dishcloth – Done. 
  • Crochet: Lap BlanketDone

Comments on: "Sunday Summary: Moving" (21)

  1. Looks like you are making wonderful progress.

    I think about moving all the time. I love my house and the location and our few acres of land, but the house is way bigger than what we need. Problem is that we couldn’t afford buying something else until we sold this one and then where would we live (with our dog and three cats!) until we bought something else. Timing is everything and I just can’t count on it. So I think we will be here until we die.

    Best wishes with your move!

    • Thanks. It has been a pretty good month for me.
      I do like being out in the country because…no people. Which will be the things that sucks about moving into town. A lot of people(okay, it’s a small town, so probably not really a lot. But still). And we definitely have to sell this house before we can buy anything. Thankfully the other house is already empty, so we should be able to move right in.

  2. Fingers crossed for the house! We just found a new house we like too and made an offer yesterday so we’re waiting for a call from the real estate agent tomorrow. We live in a rental for now so if it’s a yes, we’ll be moving around May.

  3. WOW! I’m used to you having great months – but this is something else again. Look at all that BLUE!!!

    Next month, I will be giving you things to revise. I promise. Might still be slower than I’d like, but I’m feeling a little twitchy owing people things, so I figure now is as good a time as any to do something about that.

    I hope you get your new house, and sell your current one to owners who are eager to love it. =D

    • Thanks. I’m pretty happy with the progress, even if I don’t turn anything else blue(though I know at least one will).

      Looking forward to it. Still waiting to hear back from CP about Flames of Renewal, and she’s had that for about a year.

      I’m trying not to get my hopes up that we’ll sell fast. We’ve still got some things to do before we list it, but hopefully that’ll be soon.

  4. Good luck selling your house! The new place your looking at sounds great with the extra room and the excellent location.

    I laughed at your comment describing your brain as an asshole! My brain has the same problem. I can drive but the anxiety and depression does me in at times!

    Have a great week, Fallon!


  5. Wow, so much blue and green this week!

    I don’t drive either, due to an eye muscle issue I’ve had since birth. I see double unless I am looking at something straight on. It also causes vertigo. And I hear you on having trouble getting places. For me, it’s the same. I always need rides. We have a bus program for the elderly and disabled (I was able to get in based on the fact that my eyes are messed up) but it’s only for the city I live in. Most of my doctors are not there.

    So it makes sense to move. Good luck with that.

    • Yes, I love all the blue. 😀

      It certainly doesn’t make living out in the country very practical. I can usually find someone to drive me if there’s somewhere I need to go, but I hate asking.

  6. Good luck buying and selling! The real estate market is really active most places right now; even in Dayton Ohio existing houses sell fast, unless there’s a lot of problems. And yay on all that progress! Color me impressed – and keep up the good work!

    • Thanks. I’m hoping we have a fairly easy time selling. We live in what’s considered a resort area. Most of the people around here are from Pittsburgh(PA) and only come during the summer. So, hoping someone will want this place.

      Thanks. I’m pretty happy with what I’ve gotten done.

  7. Love all that blue on the plotting! And the snippet hints at historical fiction,making me wonder … what kind of boat, when, and where. Will she meet this man she noticed, learn of his sadness and how he was hurt? Yes, I also hope you will find that perfect home in the city/town, though living in the country has its benefits (quiet). Closer to the library? A real plus! Not having to drive, another plus. Moving? Yuck. We have downsized to an apartment and just now are living in a ‘house’ for 2 months. What a difference in sense of space. It does sound like despite all these possible changes, the writing goes well!

    • Yes, the plotting has been going better than I figured.
      A big one(haha, I really need to do more research before I get too deep into book 2), early 1850s, leaving Ireland. 😀 We’ll definitely be seeing more of that man in book 2. 😀
      Yeah, the moving is the part I’m looking forward to least. Last time we moved was almost 11 years ago, before that it was just 1 year. Planning on getting rid of some stuff hopefully. The used bookstore may be getting a big influx of Nora Roberts and Louis L’Amour books – as hard as it will be to get rid of my favorites, I never really reread them anymore).

      • Just want to say downsizing is never easy. ..we still have way too many books. Also, the research is fascinating (somehow I’m still stuck in the middle of the 19th Century). Even at the editing stage, I’m still drawn sideways, checking this and finding that. Sounds like fun ahead for you!

  8. Wow! Good work on covering the goals already. I’d take it easy, too. Good luck on the house selling adventure. I hate moving, but I like settling into a new place. Being in town is always convenient.
    Rock on!

    • Thanks
      Yeah, I’m not looking forward to packing everything up. I’ve enjoyed living out in the country, so it will be quite an adjustment to being in town again. At least we’re not right on main street, so it may not be too bad, and it’s a fairly small town.

  9. I totally understand the desire to be “in town”. It’s a five mile trip to anything resembling a grocery story/post office/library/what-have-you from our house, and we live on a fairly busy road with a 55mph limit. I can’t image how difficult that would make things if I had an issue with driving… You definitely will be happier in town.

    Will you at least have some empty land near your home to get a “sense of the country”?

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