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Pretty much all the snow we’ve gotten recently had melted on Tuesday. We’ll probably get more before spring is actually here(we actually did get another dusting Tuesday night). But, my daughter(10) was extremely upset that it didn’t look like winter anymore. Me? I don’t mind at all.

I’ve had a fairly laidback week so far. I shut off my alarm after finishing the first draft of Green Hills & Smoky Fields last week. And I’ve left it off this week. I still tend to be awake before it goes off(though I slept an hour later Tuesday morning). So, I’ve still been getting a good bit done. I’ll turn it back on for next month, though.

Now, it’s Wednesday, so you all know what that means!! Yep, it’s WiPPet time again. I’ve got more from Jonas & Isaac’s story for you today. I have 6 paragraphs(2+4). This picks up a little after last week’s. Jonas has gone to his room, claiming to be tired, so he’s going to rest until dinner. There’s more to it than that, which even his mother realizes, and tries to do something about.

Isaac had forgotten most of the Spanish he’d learned in high school. But, the one word was easy, and he’d heard the other from Isabelle aimed at all of her children enough times to remember what it meant. “He is stubborn,” Isaac agreed. “But, I don’t think you’d want him any other way.”

Isabelle smiled softly at him. “I could say the same to you.”

Isaac felt the heat rise to his cheeks and turned away. “Maybe I should go.”

“Yes,” Isabelle said, shocking him. “To his room. To talk to him. I think you both need it.”

She turned away and headed into the kitchen. Isaac just stood there for a moment, torn between following her instructions and retreating to the living room to wait for Toby to arrive. Jonas was right, he did need to speak to Toby. Find out if there was a way to keep his father away.

He blew out a breath. Isabelle was right, too. Damn these Pederas and all their rightness. He snorted out a laugh at the thought. Then, he headed down the hallway to Jonas’ room.

Is his mom right? Is this what they need? Will the talk do any good?

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Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Melting Time" (17)

  1. Still doing great I see 🙂

  2. Haha! Don’t you just hate when everyone around you is right about everything? 😀

  3. You’re doing awesome! I love that snippet of your work. Very nice writing.

    Our snow is disappearing and was nice and mild out. Slushy walk this morning with the pup, but I didn’t mind one bit!


    • Thanks. 😆
      We have a little dusting of snow again, but not really enough to even cover the grass. And it’s supposed to start warming up again so even that should be gone soon.

  4. Ah, so Isaac isn’t quite as stubborn as Jonas then. 🙂 That’s probably just as well.

    • Well, Isaac has his own stubborn streak, Just not about the same things. Which could be a good thing. Jonas may need someone who will stubbornly stand beside him. 😉😀

  5. Emily Wrayburn said:

    Damn these Pederas and all their rightness.
    I snorted at that, too. Sometimes it’s just so annoying when you know people are right. XD

  6. It’s about time Isaac stopped believing he was the one who was right. Hope the situation improves greatly as a result of it.

    And great week. Leaving the alarm off seems to have been good for you. =)

    • He’ll soon find out just how wrong he was. Maybe in next week’s snippet. 😉

      It certainly didn’t hurt. I will be turning it back on for the next month, though. At least until I finish my main project for the month.

      • That sounds like a great plan. I really wanted to get to your beta this month, but next month seems much more likely at this point. I feel a bit like everything since the new year started has been a kind of time warp…

        But I’m starting to make some sense of the chaos, so that’s a good thing. =)

  7. Oh, I so hate it when those around me are right and I’m not, but I think that’s part of being human. Nice WIPpet!

  8. Though “oh so right” people! 😀 Sounds like he could use a little of that kind of surety from others right now. He has a lot of things pulling him in too many directions.

    Love the other snippets too. Don’t call her Rosie. She doesn’t like that. :-/

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