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Connor took a step back from the easel. The color didn’t look quite right, but he wasn’t sure how to fix it. Did it need to be lighter? Maybe darker. No, that wasn’t the problem.

He tapped the end of the paintbrush against his chin as he studied what he’d done so far. Drops of paint splashed his arm and shirt. He glanced down but didn’t give it much thought. Just one more shirt he wouldn’t actually be able to wear out in public anymore.

That pile seemed to constantly be growing.


Not much came to me for today’s Just Jot It prompt of “colour”(yes, I changed the spelling for my post, because, well, that’s how I and most of my characters spell it) brought to us by Supernatural Snark. But, it gives a little look into Connor, and the fact he is often splattered with paint. 😉

Comments on: "Just Jot It January: Day 23 – “Color”" (6)

  1. Lol, quite a few people have brought up the spelling of colour/color. Personally, I’m not thrown by the US version but it’s interesting that it’s such a bone of contention.

    • It doesn’t really throw me too much, unless it’s a supposedly American character using the -our spelling. Which, I should probably make sure my non-American characters use the one they would in that case. 😉

      • I had a conversation with a friend once. She insisted that I should use American spelling because my characters were American, but when I pointed out that there was at least one British person, she had no real comeback. Consistency is key, I think. I wouldn’t have a problem with British characters and Americanised spelling, but flip flopping between colour/color etc within one story would be weird to me. If a character is talking, it’s not like they’re really thinking about the spelling? Only if they’re writing within the text should it matter. I think the general consensus is that you stick to one of the other, usually depending on where the author is from or what the publisher requires.

      • That is a good point.

  2. […] Color – A bit with Connor painting. […]

  3. […] Color – A bit with Connor painting. […]

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