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Connor jerked his head up from his position over his sketchbook and glanced from his youngest nephew, Desmond, to the book he was holding out. “Octopus,” Connor said, nearly laughing. “Yes, that’s an octopus on the cover.”

The boy shoved the book at Connor and he sighed, setting aside the sketchbook so the boy could climb up onto his lap. He opened the book to the first page and Desmond poked his finger at it. “Sark.”

“Yes, that’s a shark,” he confirmed, putting emphasis on the ‘h’ Desmond had skipped.

“Tittle,” the boy said as he flipped another page, grinning.

Connor barely held back a laugh. “That’s definitely a turtle.”

His nephew bounced a little on his lap. “Dofin.”

“Dolphin. You sure do know your sea creatures, Des.”

The boy nodded and grinned up at Connor. “Sea. Swim.”

“You want to swim with the sea creatures? Let’s see what we can do.” He grabbed his sketchbook and flipped it open to a blank page. The boy squirmed on his lap, but he didn’t move as Connor quickly sketched the lines of the animals Desmond had pointed out. Then, he drew one more figure before showing the picture to his nephew. The boy practically beamed.

“That Des,” he said, pointing to the last figure Connor had drawn.

“Yes, that’s you,” Connor confirmed.

“Me have?”

Connor tore the picture out of his sketchbook and handed it to the boy. “You certainly can.”

Desmond leaped off his lap and tore from the room. “Mama,” he cried. “Mama, me swim wif sea.”

Connor laughed softly then flipped back to the page he’d been working on. “You’re good with him,” Ames said, coming up behind him. “All of them, really. Are you sure that’s not what you want?”

He turned toward them, but Ames’ kept their arm around him. “I want you,” he said. “That’s enough.” But, the truth was he did want it, but he didn’t let it occupy his thoughts. Well, only occasionally.


Haha, I didn’t think I’d get the ending word in there, but it worked!! Today’s Just Jot It January/Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt was to begin your post with a word starting with ‘oc’. I cheated a little, since it isn’t a real word. Or at least not spelled correctly. But this popped into my head after I read the prompt and wouldn’t let me go. Now, I’m not always sure what normal speech development is for kids. Mine weren’t normal. My daughter(now 10) had a significant speech delay(at 3 she was barely using a dozen or so words, at 4 she was using words like ‘incubator’ perfectly. She’s  always waited to do everything until she knows she can do it just right). My son wasn’t quite as delayed, but still a bit behind. But, this felt right for a just turned 2 year old that isn’t one of my kids. 😉

Comments on: "SOCS/Just Jot It January: Day 20 – “Oc”" (6)

  1. Desmond’s speech sounded natural. It is really cute the way little kids talk. I used to love hearing my kids speech at around 3 years old.

  2. This was just too incredibly cute, Fallon. Maybe… Maybe someday he’ll get what he wants.

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  4. […] an odd one, I know), it was there. Probably because after writing Saturday’s combined SOCS/Just Jot It, I was thinking about how Connor and Ames would start their family since Ames has no desire to ever […]

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