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“Do I do it justice?” Connor asked, holding his arms out.

There was no answer, and he finally glanced up at his brothers and father. They were all staring back at him. “What? Did I button the vest up wrong or something?” He glanced down at the tux, but he couldn’t tell that anything was off. He looked back up again.

Only Callum wasn’t staring dumbly at him. “No, little brother,” he finally said, slapping a hand against Connor’s shoulder and squeezing slightly. “They’re just finally not ignoring the fact that you’ve actually grown up.”

Right. Sometimes he managed to forget that his whole family still thought of him as a little kid. He hadn’t chosen a grown up profession yet, just played around with his art. He didn’t think his family would ever see him as grown up, always the baby. As long at they let themselves forget that he hadn’t always been the baby.

Callum looked at him with sympathy, though. They’d stuck him in a box and it had taken him quite some time to break out of it, too. Then, Adrian stepped forward. “Well, since I’m the one who knows the most about justice, I can say that tux should be trying to do you justice not the other way around.” Adrian grinned then. “We’re going to make a fine picture standing up in front of that church. And I know fine pictures is something you know about, baby brother.”

Connor laughed then relaxed slightly. Maybe they were finally getting it after all.


Today’s Just Jot It January prompt was “justice” by Barb. I had a couple different starting points pop into my head, but this is the one that stuck. Not sure if this will end up in the actual story or not, but they’re getting ready for Callum’s wedding.

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