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Sunday Summary: Busted Week

Ok, so the week wasn’t a complete busy. But, that’s something I have to keep reminding myself. Monday and Tuesday weren’t great. But, it picked back up for Wednesday and Thursday. I had all my writing goals met except the main project and plotting. But I figured I could get to both of those, or at least close, on Friday. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Thursday night I took the dogs out a little after nine. Figured it would only be a couple minutes, and we’d be back inside, so I didn’t take my phone or anything with me. Well, that would have been the case, except our screen door jammed. The knob would not turn. I pulled on it, tried to get it to turn, everything I could think of. It would not open. Both kids were asleep and husband was working. So, there was no way for me to get in the house. Thank goodness it was one of the days it was 50F, but it was also raining. My sweatshirt was wet from standing in it, fighting with the door. And my hand hurt from pounding on the window, trying to wake one of the kids up so they could let me in. Yeah, that didn’t work, either.

So, I opened the garage and figured I could at least get out of the rain. And I sat there, on a tote box. And I stood for a while. And sat back down. And made sure the dogs didn’t take off. And tried to open the door again. Then retreated back into the garage. Until 6 the next morning, when my daughter got up and I got her to let me in. I was cold, tired, and not in a very good mood. And I never even turned my computer on all day Friday. We went to see my sister-in-law in the morning and to the Moose club for our usual Friday night dinner. But other than that, I sat under my blanket on the couch and read. And I was in bed by 7:30. Slept for about 10 hours. Half of that is my usual amount of sleep.

And I think we got the knob fixed so it doesn’t do that again.

Color Code:

Monthly Goal Met/Finished

Weekly Goal Met

Progress Made

Nothing Done

Set Aside


  • Primary: Flames of Knowledge – Back Stories – Wrote Connor’s back story(1041 words) on Monday. Finished Ames’ back story(902 words) on Tuesday. Started antagonist’s back story Tuesday night, finished it Wednesday afternoon(661 words).
  • Secondary: Flames of Knowledge – Plot Summaries – Finished short summary(37 words), medium summary(109 words), & long summary(277 words)
  • Tertiary: Flames of Knowledge – Story Toolkit – started this Thursday afternoon. 15/20 sheets done
  • Stretch: Flames of Knowledge – Outline: Act 1
  • Stretch2: Green Hills & Smoky Fields1 – Outline: Act 4 – Started this Thursday morning. Finished it Thursday evening.
  • Stretch3: Green Hills & Smoky Fields2 – Brainstorm


  • Primary: Green Hills & Smoky Fields – 1st draft – 9157/~25000 words, 3381 this week
  • Secondary: Side Projects – 5000 words – 2522/5000 words
    • Patrick & Sarah – 213/500 words
    • Tavin & Haiwee – 172/500 words
    • Roman – 287/500 words
    • Dougal & Shae – 252/500 words
    • Jacob & Matthew – 338/500 words
    • Mike & Fadil – 242/500 words
    • Hawk – 313/500 words
    • Sean & Braeden – 193/500 words
    • Melanie & Garren – 265/500 words
    • Desmund – 247/500 words
  • Tertiary: Jonas & Isaac – 15 pages – 7.5/15 pages
  • Stretch: By the Gun – 2500 words(will work on this when I finish Primary goal)


  • Primary: Flames of Renewal – CP edits once I get it back
  • Secondary: Stained Blood – Beta edits as they come in
  • Tertiary: Protecting the Heart – Transfer to Scrivener – 4/9 chapters
  • Stretch: Melanie & Garren – revise & post to Patreon


  • Primary: Read 20 books – 11/20

    • Brotherhood in Death(J.D. Robb) – Started this Wednesday afternoon. Finished this Sunday afternoon. Really enjoyed it.
    • Must Love Mistletoe(Christie Ridgway) – Started this Sunday afternoon. Finished this Sunday night. Enjoyed it.
    • The Ones Who Got Away(Roni Loren) – Started this Sunday night. Finished it Tuesday night. Loved it.
    • Private Reserve(Cathryn Fox) – Started this Wednesday afternoon. Finished this Wednesday evening. Liked it.
    • Sweet Reunion(Melanie Shawn) – Started this Wednesday night. Finished it Thursday afternoon. Found it ‘meh’. second book by this author I’ve felt that way about so I think I’m striking any more from the ‘to buy’ list.
    • Play On(Michelle Smith) – Started this Thursday afternoon. Finished it Thursday night. Loved it.
    • Hamilton’s Battalion(Rose Lerner, Courtney Milan, & Alyssa Cole) – Started this Friday morning. Finished it Saturday afternoon. Loved all three of the stories.
    • Going Too Far(Jennifer Echols) – Started this Saturday afternoon. At 50%
  • Secondary: Listen 5 books – 5/5
    • Reckless(Skye Jordan) – Started this in December. On Chapter 13/29
    • Trust the Focus(Megan Erickson) – Started this Friday morning. Finished it Monday morning. Love these books.
    • Focus on Me(Megan Erickson) – Started this Monday morning. Finished it Tuesday morning.
    • Out of Frame(Megan Erickson) – Started this Tuesday morning. Finished it Wednesday afternoon.
    • Overexposed(Megan Erickson) – Started this Wednesday evening. On Chapter 21/23

Social Media:

  • Primary: Just Jot It January – 12/31 posts
    • Pants – A bit with Connor dealing with a cousin who decides to be an ass. And Gio makes an appearance.
    • Coffee – A bit with Connor and his sister-in-law, Kayla.
    • Humiliate – A bit with Connor and his brother, Callum
    • His Eyes Shut – Combo of Just Jot It and Stream of Consciousness.
  • Secondary: Post 5 regular weekly posts – 9/21 posts
  • Tertiary: Post to Patreon 2x0/2 posts


  • Knit: Honeycomb Dishcloth – got the set up row and another 50 rows done.
  • Crochet: Lap BlanketThis is at about 31/40 inches

Comments on: "Sunday Summary: Busted Week" (14)

  1. Oh, you poor thing, being locked outside all night! You definitely deserved a day off (or two or three) after that!

  2. Hugs on being locked out! That had to be miserable.

    You got a lot done, though! Way to go!

  3. Oh my gosh, that’s awful! I can’t imagine–though being in the garage is definitely better than outside. UGH! Can’t blame you for needing a couple days to recover from that. Here’s hoping this week is better!

    • Yes. Thank goodness I was at least able to get in there.
      It’s already starting out pretty good, so hopefully I can keep that going.

  4. Grace Onorato said:

    I’m glad you got the knob fixed. *hugs*

  5. Ohhhhh! I feel so bad for you! That’s awful being stuck outside all night! I’m impressed at how much you got done this week. You are a super woman!

    Jo-Ann at Inspiration Pie

  6. Sorry to learn you spent the night locked out. 😦
    You still worked a lot! (So many goals and so much green and blue, how do you do it?)

    • Thanks. I have a pretty solid routine I like to stick to. Also I’m home all day and my kids are at school, so that helps.

  7. What a long night! I hate when that happens. At least you had the dogs to keep you company. Sounds like you got lots done despite. Keep up the good work! I hope this next week goes better for you.

  8. […] My neck, back, and hips do not appreciate it much(Of course, I may still be catching up from my Thursday night stuck in the garage). But, Tuesday morning I woke up at 2 and figured there was no point going to bed for an hour or […]

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