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“So, who’s going to wear the pants in this relationship?”

Connor’s shoulders tightened at his cousin’s voice. He wasn’t going to respond. The comment didn’t deserve a response. Cormac could be an ass all he wanted. Connor wasn’t going to rise to the bait. It had taken him a long time to learn how not to do that.

It turned out he didn’t have to. “I though you’d given up being an asshole, Cor,” another cousin’s voice said. “Who says either of them have to wear pants. I often don’t.”

Connor snickered at Gio’s last comment. It would probably get their brother going, but Gio didn’t seem to care anymore. Good for them. Gio, and their boyfriend, Cam, had been through enough.

“I’m just saying,” Cormac continued, “she–”

“They,” both Connor and Gio corrected at the same time. Connor glanced at the cousin who was the closest in age to him. Gio smiled slightly at him. It eased off some of the irritation Cormac’s words had brought on.

“Whatever,” Cormac said, and Connor could practically hear the eye roll in his words. Though he was sure his cousin thought himself too mature, in his late thirties, to do such a thing. “I’ll leave the two of you to that nonsense.”

Gio’s face darkened at that comment. “Nonsense,” they muttered. “Because no matter how he claims he’s accepting now, he still thinks who I am is nonsense.”

Connor wasn’t sure what to say to them, a way to make things better. If there was ever so much distance between him and his own brothers, it might tear him apart. But, Gio seemed to be coping.  Maybe it helped having Cam with them.

At least they had that. He wasn’t sure if he’ be able to say the same for long. If Ames couldn’t deal with his family, he might lose them no matter what else he did. And they shouldn’t have to deal with attitudes like Cormac’s. Thankfully most of the family was more accepting, no matter what others tended to assume about them.


Today’s prompt for Just Jot It January was “pants” from Pensitivity101. Yes, Cormac can be a bit of a jerk with very “firm” opinions. That actually caused trouble for Gio and Cam in their story. He is trying to do better, but as you can see, doesn’t always succeed at that. His opinions are, of course, not mine, but I do know people who share them. So, I may have drawn from that a bit.

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  2. […] Pants – A bit with Connor dealing with a cousin who decides to be an ass. And Gio makes an appearance. […]

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