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“You know that isn’t what I meant.”

“Do I really?” Connor asked. “Sometimes I’m not quite sure how to decode what you’re saying.”

Ames turned their head to stare at him. “What do you mean? I don’t talk in code.”

He snorted and tipped his head up to stare at the sky. “Sometimes I think the whole world is talking in code around me.”

Ames laughed and put their hand on his knee. “And your brother’s said you’re a genius.”

“And you think that means I know what they’re saying all the time. Sometimes I feel like the stupidest person in the room because I missed a joke everyone else got.” He turned his head and looked at them again. “Talk to me about painting or some sort of art or something I can find in a book, and I won’t have a problem. Make a joke with some underlying meaning, and I’m lost.” He sent them a shy smile, and that was nearly enough to do them in.

How was Ames going to defend their heart against him when he kept knocking down all the walls they’d always kept around it?


Today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday/Just Jot It January prompt was to use a word with ‘eco’ in it. I looked through a list of words and when I saw decode, those first couple lines popped into my head.


Comments on: "Stream of Consciousness Saturday/Just Jot It January: Day 6 – “Eco”" (3)

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  2. How indeed! And I bet Connor hasn’t even pulled out the heavy artillery yet.

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