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“Are they always this boisterous?” Ames asked, looking over at their oldest sister.

Elsie took a sip of her coffee, but Ames could still see their sister’s lips curve up into a smile. When she brought the cup back down, Elsie was full-out grinning. “You think this is bad?” she asked. “You should see them when they get really rowdy.”

Ames looked over at their two nieces and nephew again. Emmalee hadn’t gotten here with her kids yet. They imagined once she did, this would go up another level. At least they knew they could escape outside or into an empty room if it got to be too much. As much as Ames loved each of the kids, they could handle only so much screaming and shouting. Even when it was in playful joy.

They would just go back to their apartment, except it was a three hour drive away, and their parents expected her to stay for the whole weekend. It was Ames’ birthday weekend, why didn’t they get to decide where they spent it.

“What’s wrong?” Elsie asked.

“Nothing.” Ames couldn’t get too upset when they hadn’t even told their parents they would rather stay home. Mom and Dad never made the drive to see them. Well, Mom didn’t. Dad did every month or so. It was probably just as well. Being in the same area as Mom usually led to an argument. Ames would just as well avoid a monthly occurrence of that.

It had been building all weekend. Ames really hoped they’d be able to make it through one more day before it all blew to Hell.

There was no way they could be that lucky, though.


Today’s prompt for Just Jot It January was “boisterous”, brought to us by Dan. This may have been inspired slightly by my own family gatherings. I tend to escape by bringing a book, though. Ames is the other main character in Flames of Knowledge.

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  2. […] Boisterous – a bit with Ames this time, and their family. […]

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