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“You know I don’t like drama.”

Connor tipped back in the chair in the middle of his grandparents’ yard and started laughing. “Please, Caitie,” he told his cousin. “Tell me another one.”

She told him something all right, but it wasn’t another lie like that. Her husband came up and put an arm around her waist. That had his ears burning more than her curses had. Their easy displays of intimacy always did that. As did everyone else’s. He could usually just duck behind a book to hide it better.

Of all days, today had to be the one he left all his books at home.

“I’m being serious,” she said.

“That would be a first,” Mark commented.

Connor snorted then grinned as she turned her glare up to her husband. “You’re not helping, Mark.”

He smiled down at her. “Didn’t know I was supposed to be.”

She pushed up onto her toes to kiss him. “Okay,” Connor said, nearly leaping out of the chair. “That’s my cue to leave.”

Caitie laughed as she drew back from her husband. “Sit down, Connor.”

“Nope. I’m good. See you around.” He didn’t know why seeing others act like that always left him a bit unsettled. He wasn’t a prude. He didn’t think there was anything wrong with them acting like that. Or his cousin Gio and his–their, whatever pronoun Gio was trying out this week to find the one that fit– boyfriend doing the same. And he’d seen the way his cousin Corrin was with her boyfriends, Silas and Jeremiah, and he wished them all the happiness in the world even if he had some trouble wrapping his head around how that arrangement worked.

Hell, he had trouble wrapping his head around most relationships. Wanting one wasn’t the problem. He did want that closeness he saw between all his siblings and their spouses and his cousins and their significant others. He just…didn’t know how to get there.

Maybe it was something he wasn’t meant for. No matter how much he’d like to have it for himself.


It’s day 1 of Just Jot It January, and the prompt was “drama”, brought to us by Ritu. I’m going to be writing little stories from the POV of the characters from the novel I’m currently plotting out. I did it last year with Corrin, Silas, & Jeremiah and got some good scenes that I ended up fleshing out for their novel. I’m hoping to have that again.

Comments on: "JusJoJan: Day 1 – “Drama”" (8)

  1. Sounds good 🙂

  2. debyblogs said:

    This has me hooked. 🙂

  3. The plural pronoun as a way to deal with gender fluidity leaves me, as something of a grammarian, slightly dismayed. This is a great piece of prose. Look forward to reading more from you!

    • They is actually perfectly acceptable as a singular pronoun as well. I know people who do use it, and it is certainly better to respect their pronouns than misgender them over something like language rules, which tend to evolve anyway. And as one of the main characters in this novel IDs as genderqueer and uses they/them pronouns, there will be a lot more of it.
      I am glad you liked it. I hope you’ll enjoy the rest.

  4. […] Drama – a bit with Connor, Caitie(Connor’s cousin), and her husband, Mark(you may remember Caitie & Mark from snippets I’ve shared). […]

  5. […] Drama – a bit with Connor, Caitie(Connor’s cousin), and her husband, Mark(you may remember Caitie & Mark from snippets I’ve shared). […]

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