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You’ll see. It’s going to be just fine.”

But, Ames did not look quite as sure as Connor felt. He turned to them in the middle of the sidewalk up to his grandparents’ house. He tugged on the knit cap they wore. “What are you so nervous about? You met most of them at the party for Nolan and Maura’s baby at the end of the summer. They liked you then. Why not now?”

“I wasn’t dating their precious boy then.”

“That should give them more reason to love you.” Like I do. It was way too early to say that. He was sure of it. So, he kept the words to himself. “And I think you give a lot more credit for how high of an esteem they hold me in.”

“I don’t think you give it enough credit,” they said. “It wouldn’t be the first time a family has turned on me once they realize I’m not the girl they thought their son was bringing home.”

He let his thumb graze their cheek. “My family won’t do that.”

“Really? Because I was there when they were searching for your cousin when they ran away because their own father wouldn’t accept them.”

Connor closed his eyes and rested his forehead against theirs. “And Uncle Deaclan won’t be here. Aunt Maureen left him after all that, and he’s not welcome here unless he agrees to be civil. He hasn’t done so yet.”

“And he’s your only intolerant relative? You can’t make me believe that in a family this size, there aren’t more of them.”

He winced because it was true. Corrin’s father still wasn’t happy about her relationship with Silas and Jeremiah, even though it was obvious to almost everyone else how much the three of them loved each other. But, the majority of his family was accepting. “I can’t say no one will say anything to you,” he admitted. “But, most will be fine. We’ll just stick around those ones.”

Ames relaxed slightly at that, but Connor felt them stiffen again when the two of them stepped inside. There were a lot of people here. He was used to it. But someone from a family not as large as theirs, and not so eager to include even those not related into the family group, it could be a bit of a shock.

“Come on,” he said. “My brothers and sister and their families should be here somewhere. We’ll fine them.”

But, it was his cousin, Corrin, who they ran into first. “I’m so glad you made it,” she said, throwing her arms around him. “Adrian wasn’t sure if you would.”

“My brother worries too much.”

“He’s a new daddy. It’s a given.” She grinned past him at Ames. “I’m glad you could make it, too. Jeremiah said you were coming.”

“Thanks for inviting me,” they said. “Your family didn’t have to let me come.”

Corrin looked confused. “Why wouldn’t we? You’re with this fool. And we still let him show up.”

Connor laughed then squeezed her tight. “Thanks,” he whispered. Then, he took Ames’ hand and led them farther into the house. It was going to be fine. This was all going to be just fine.


This week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt was to use Yule/you’ll/Yul to start the post. I’m just started to plot out Ames and Connor’s story, and this will probably come somewhere in there.

Comments on: "Stream of Consciousness Saturday – “Yule/you’ll/Yul”" (2)

  1. This is sweet, though… I just have this unease, perhaps the same one Ames does, that once the good tiding start flowing, Sandy Claws are going to be unsheathed, and things might get rough.

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